Interstellar: An Amazing Space Epic with a Ton of Heart

Interstellar: An Amazing Space Epic with a Ton of Heart

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with movies that play around with the idea of time traveling, outer space, and basically anything that has to do with the whole space-time continuum.  The Back to the Future trilogy, Contact, Armageddon, Apollo 13, and Gravity are just some of the films I enjoyed watching.



I got a chance to attend the press screening of Interstellar and I left the cinema all dumbfounded by how awesome the movie was.

In the near future, the human race is on the brink of the extinction because of a crop disease called “the blight”. People continuously die and food remains scarce, and the only way to save lives or keep the species going is to have a team get on a spaceshuttle, journey through a wormhole near Saturn, and find another habitable planet in another galaxy where mankind can start again.

Just like in Inception, Nolan didn’t disappoint with the visuals; every frame in space was breathtaking. Waves were as high as skyscrapers and neighborhoods curled up on baseball fields. I suggest watching Interstellar in IMAX theaters because people from Warner Bros. told us that Nolan shot some of the scenes with 70mm film.



The way they go about saving Earth and humanity is quite ambitious, but it’s interesting. I was on the edge of my seat for most parts, clinging on to whatever hope Matthew McConaughey’s character was hanging onto.

McConaughey was authentic and strongly portrayed the emotions Nolan wanted to cloak the audience in. I was really taken aback with one scene in the shuttle where his eyes teared up while watching remote video messages from his son and daughter. Anne Hathaway, as always, was pleasing to the eyes and didn’t fail to deliver an impressive performance. Michael Caine wasn’t too shabby, either.

The way the visuals and scoring were weaved together in the movie was impeccably spot-on and it really immersed the audience into all of the feelings that the characters were experiencing, especially in some moments that play out in utter silence, leaving viewers listening to their own hearts beating in wonder.


WHEN IN MANILA, make sure you catch this movie. Interstellar is an orgasmic space voyage that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and leave you amazed and confused.  

5 stars for me.



(The regular screening of Interstellar begins on Thursday, November 6)

Photos c/o Warner Bros

Interstellar: An Amazing Space Epic with a Ton of Heart


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