Intentional or Coincidence? 8 Marvel and DC Superheroes That Are Too Similar

Are you more of a Marvel Fan, a DC geek, or somewhere in the middle? If you love reading these superhero comics, then you might have noticed that the two comic book publishers have something in common. Are these just coincidences? To feed your curiosity, here is a list of characters that Marvel and DC have in common and the stories behind them.

8. Quicksilver (Marvel) and The Flash (DC)

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What can travel faster than the speed of light? Marvel fans will shout “Quicksilver” but DC peeps will cry “The Flash.” Obviously, both of them have the abilities of superhuman speed, stamina, agility, and accelerated metabolism. Aside from that, both have twins. Quicksilver’s twin sister is Scarlet Witch while The Flash has a secret twin brother called Cobalt Blue

7. Thanos (Marvel) and Darkseid (DC)

thanos darkseid 2

It’s been months since Avengers: Endgame yet we can still feel Marvel fans’ hatred towards Thanos. But fans can’t help but notice the similarities of the purple giant with DC’s Darkseid. While they have a lot in common, Thanos was originally meant to be inspired by Metron. But the plan for Thanos changed when editor Roy Thomas suggested getting inspiration from Darkseid instead.

6. Hawkeye (Marvel) and Green Arrow (DC)

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No, they aren’t related to the local green archer played by Dingdong Dantes. But Green Arrow and Hawkeye do have some eerily similar features. Aside from the fact that the bow is their weapon of choice, they also have the same personalities. Finally, both of their love interests are nicknamed after the color black–Black Canary and Black Widow.

5. Deadpool (Marvel) and Deathstroke (DC)

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Many fans are aware that Deadpool is a direct rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke. At first glance, the two characters might not seem similar. Deadpool is funny while Deathstroke seems so gloomy and moody. Total opposites, right? Not really. For one, they have the same powers (regeneration). They wield the same weapon, and their costumes are almost identical. What’s funny is that Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson so as a joke, the creators of Deadpool decided to name him Wade Wilson.

4. Namor (Marvel) and Aquaman (DC)

aquaman namor

Both Namor and Aquaman are half Atlantean and half human. Aside from that, they both possess super strength, ability to stay underwater for an indefinite amount of time, and the ability to communicate with sea creatures. They also wield the same weapon. Though Aquaman has the Trident of Poseidon while Namor has the Trident of Neptune, it’s basically the same since Poseidon is the Greek counterpart of the Roman god Neptune.

3. Nova Corps (Marvel) and Green Lantern Corps (DC)

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Apart from the fact that they both have ‘Corps’ in their names, both the Nova Corps and the Green Lantern Corps are law-enforcement organizations to help keep peace in the universe. While members of the Green Lantern Corps receive a power ring that grants them abilities, the members from the latter get their powers from the Nova Force.

2. Mr. Fantastic (Marvel) and Elongated Man (DC)

Elongated Man DC Comics Mister Fantastic Marvel Comics

Aside from having the same elastic superpowers, one remarkable similarity is that they don’t have secret identities. Both their wives are also named Sue and they are considered by many to be two of the smartest men in their respective universe.

1. Black Cat (Marvel) and Catwoman (DC)

black cat vs catwoman by halloweenlover316 d8t5sdq

Many people find it hard to believe that Black Cat wasn’t a direct rip-off of Catwoman. Who can blame them? The similarities of these characters are hard to ignore. Both of the feline burglars have almost identical costumes and both are stealthy. Lastly, they both have on-off relationships with famous superheroes (Spiderman for Black Cat and Batman for Catwoman).

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