How to Up Your Instagram Game As Told By A Digital Marketer

Once upon a time, Instagram was full of only OOTD’s and selfies. Now, it’s recognized as a powerful tool in building a community and establishing branding for both personalities and brands.

Last Thursday, June 14, creatives, marketers, and social media managers gathered in Penbrothers for NXTLVL Academy‘s Instagram workshop. NXTLVL Academy is a Philippine-based training provider that trains specifically for on-the-job success. Their instructors, who are experts in their specific fields, teach students the latest industry practices and ‘know-hows’ that they themselves use on a daily basis.

The workshop speaker was Peter Kyuchul Kim, co-founder of David and Golyat. Peter was previously Digital Performance Lead at Starcom Mediavest Group, where he led performance marketing campaigns for Cebu Pacific, McDonald’s, Mead Johnson, and Samsung, among many clients, across 20 markets around the world! He has managed over Php 1 billion in online performance marketing executions – spanning display & programmatic advertising, search, and social.

Peter shared that while Facebook is generally for engaging with friends and family, Instagram is instrumental in building a passionate community and establishing visual branding. Peter’s workshop touched on both creating content and leveraging Instagram to get your content viewed by your target audience.


Peter’s first point for creating content was a reminder that branding drives results. “Always remember the one thing you want to be famous for.” This requires focus and a deep understanding of the community you’re building. He also emphasized the importance of establishing a theme. “Your theme must be anchored to the right audience.”
Peter shared, “Ads on Instagram need both branding and ideas to drive business results.” He also suggested looking at case studies of other successful campaigns on Instagram:

Paid Media Options

Even if you have great content, it might take some time before you build an audience or drive sales. That’s why paid options on Instagram help speed things up. Peter shared how this works.

1.) Go to your Facebook Ads Manager. Click CREATE. This will create a campaign for you. 

(The Instagram account of the brand/business must be linked to the Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook Ads/Business Manager yet, Google “Creating a Facebook business manager.”)

2.) After creating a campaign, identify your marketing objective.

3.) Click on the name of your campaign to edit the Ad Set. This will help you specify your target audience.

4.) Set a budget.

5.) Scroll down to “Placements.”

By default, Facebook will tick “Automatic Placements.” Choose “Edit Placements” instead. If you want to invest only on Instagram, uncheck everything else except Instagram.

The tips Peter gave were actionable and helpful. But since the workshop only ran for roughly three hours, there’s still a lot to learn. On July 21, NXTLVL Academy will hold a longer and more thorough workshop on Instagram. This time, it will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Penbrothers in Makati. You can check their website and social media accounts for their upcoming events.

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