INSPIRING: This Filipina embraces self love with “unedited body fats” photos

Society can sway one’s perspective of him or herself. There’s also a tendency that social media could possibly add to one’s insecurities and point out on the flaws one has on him/herself. It could get consuming, yes. But when do we know it’s too much, or when do we know when to stop?

Tina Gozun’s simple but powerful tweet has inspired others to love one’s self and own body more. Recently, she posted a photo of herself where she asked the photographer, Miguel, not to ‘edit her body fats’.

“I love how my body is right now and I never want to go back to that toxic mentality na I need to have a flat tummy to look good,” she writes.

It’s all about embracing one’s self in one’s own skin.

“The thing is, people tend to judge us about our flaws. It’s like that’s all they ever notice.  I just wanted them to know that I know my flaws and I totally accept them cause THEY’RE TRUE and I don’t find anything wrong with that. Recently, I’ve been using captions about my flaws so people will stop telling me about it as well. It’s better to hear it from me than them spreading hate,” Gozun tells WHEN IN MANILA.

Self-love and accepting her flaws didn’t come easy for Gozun. Just like most people, these consumed her growing up.

I had acne and went to different dermatologists to have them treated and until now I still get them. I used to dream of becoming a model and skipped meals just to get the waistline of 24, I tried to fit in with people who I didn’t really like, etc. In short, I didn’t want to be myself just because I saw all those pretty, so-called “perfect” women and wanted to be them. But it built a toxic mindset for me.
As I grew, I started to connect more with the people around me and Him. I observed myself and everyone around me. It wasn’t easy but I try to notice the good side of life. These people didn’t love me because of my looks, these people loved me because they love me for making them happy. Unfiltered times spent with my family and friends made me happy. And I wanted to bring that out to the world as well. I started loving myself more seeing that I can make things better not because I looked good nor for being that person who’s flawless. Believe me when I say ‘bonus nalang talaga when you have a pretty face.’
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Comparison has always been toxic, as Gozun would put it. The internet, she believes, contributes to that as people would see the ones online and would compare it to their own – whether it be their lives, their bodies, etc. Gozun believes that each person is unique.
The truth is,  we don’t really know what’s behind every photo, video, and posts on the internet. PLEASE STOP COMPARING. It will only make you feel bad about yourselves cause you will never be the as them. You’ll never be happy if you keep on wanting what models, celebrities, and pretty people have. As simple as you are yourself, they are them. Fine, look up to them, but never try to be a duplicate.
Just like what Solenn said: “They don’t wake up with you every morning” this true in so many different levels. They don’t know me? And I don’t know them? Why should I care when they say something negative or bad about me? Why should I get affeced kung i-jjudge nila ako eh hindi ko man nga sila nakakasama eh?
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She shares to WHEN IN MANILA that once self-love and acceptance are in place, that will be your own powerful tool against others who will try to bring you down and will use it against you.
Reality always wins, believe me. I realize that it is okay to be flawed. Your happiness will always look for those unfiltered moments. Try to observe your everyday life and I swear you’ll breathe better being that happy and no negative vide type of day. The moment you start comparing, that’s when you start to think less of yourself – and it’s a continuous cycle. cleardot
Here’s to self-love and embracing flaws! <3
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