INSPIRING: She has Down Syndrome and they said she won’t live long, now she’s 21 and achieving success

There’s a saying that goes, “they told me I couldn’t so I did.”

This is what Brina Maximo did and way more…

Brina shared her inspiring story on Facebook. Here it goes.

Hi! I am Brina Maxino and I have Down Syndrome! When I was just 9 days old, a doctor told my parents that because of my very bad condition, I will not live long. But now, I am already 21 years old. I will turn 22 years old on my birthday, on August 31, 2018. When I was 11 years old, a Psychologist told my parents that I may not even finish Grade School. But now, I am an Assistant Teacher at Pean Integrated School of Parañaque. I graduated College with a degree of AB History from CAP College Foundation, Inc. I also graduated from a 2-year course in Associate in Arts and a 1-year course in General Clerical Skills.

brina maximo 5

I am a Special Olympics Global Youth Ambassador, traveling abroad, delivering inspirational speeches in the Philippines and abroad. I thank God for my life. I thank my family, my Lolos, Lolas, Uncles, Aunties, and Cousins for their unconditional love and help. I thank my doctors, therapists, and teachers for keeping me healthy and for teaching me.

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To all parents — please believe in your children with Down Syndrome, just like what my parents did.

To all PWDs like me — believe in yourselves and pray to God always.

You can do it. Just study and work hard.

To everyone — please respect us and accept us.

Please do not call us names like mongoloid, idiot, moron, stupid or retarded. It hurts us. Please be kind to us. Our disability does not mean inability. We can be useful members of society. Cheers to all Persons with Down Syndrome!

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Happy Down Syndrome Consciousness Month!

Brina’s story is so inspiring that it got more than 35,000 reactions 12 hours after she posted her it. She also shared a photo of her meeting former US President Barack Obama.

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Keep up achieving success, Brina! We wish you luck in your future endeavors!

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