Inspiring Message on Cycling Accident in Manila: Be Responsible, Make a Difference

James Deakin of jamesdeakin.ph shared that a fatal accident happened along Macapagal yesterday morning where a cyclist tragically lost his life. On it, the brother-in-law of the victim commented the following:

cycling accident comment

I’m the brother in law of this innocent cyclist. This is devastating to our family. He has a 5yr old son and really enjoyed cycling. He takes his bike to work everyday from Paranaque because of the terrible traffic. It’s just unfortunate that our cities are not as developed as others who have implemented bike lanes and drivers who actually respect it. I know that I just have a small voice, but I hope those who can read this can value the advocacy for cyclists. If just one person can cause an accident, I think just one comment can make a world’s difference. Thanks to all who are paying their respect. Always take care, and be responsible drivers and cyclists!

James Deakin’s reaction to it says it all: “What should be a message laced with anger, hate and bitterness is instead filled with love and hope. I humbly ask you to please help this small voice get big enough to be heard by as many people as we can, by sharing his message on your walls and encouraging others to do the same.”

We couldn’t have said it better and hope that you can all share this message on your walls and remember to always be responsible on the road, whether you are on foot, on a bike, or in a wheeled vehicle. Change starts with each and every one of us. We can all make a difference, but we can make an even bigger one if we work together!