Ink Scribbler Workshop: Learn Calligraphy at Any Level

 Ink Scribbler Workshop: Learn Calligraphy at Any Level InkScribbler Workshop

When In Manila, the famous blogger/Calligraphy Artist Alexis Ventura of now has workshops available for all of the people who want to learn and master the art of calligraphy.

Each Ink Scribbler workshop lets for 3 hours and includes practice writing, workbooks, happy bonding and delicious snacks. The workbooks are sure to bring back childhood memories on practice writing with their Blue-Red-Blue lines, but are also more sophisticated since you will get to play with them in a more artistic manner, thanks to the necessary strokes and strides of your hand. InkScribbler Workshop

During the Ink Scribbler workshop, you will get to write on the aforementioned workbooks and some tracing paper. First timers will start with a pencil first. Then, once you become more confident with your strokes, you can move on to a calligraphy pen. Not new to calligraphy? Don’t worry. Just look at how many different nibs she has. She even has different colored inks that you can use to improve your craft with this workshop. 

Wondering where to get your own set of Calligraphy pens? Check out Scribe: InkScribbler Workshop

At the Ink Scribbler workshop, we used a basic calligraphy pen composed of a wooden stick, a basic “nib” and a clear plastic tube that held the stick and nib together. We also used small cans where we poured the whole Chinese ink bottle into! Oooops! No worries, though. Alexis told us that we could just return it to the bottle afterwards.

Now, a lot of people seem to think that they can just dip their pens into some ink and write their thoughts away artistically, but trust me when I say things aren’t that simple. We had to go through some practice first. After all, foundation is key as they say. InkScribbler Workshop

THE Ink Scribbler Alexis shared  a lot of tricks and techniques at her workshop. We all hoped to come up with the same pretty-looking writing as seen in the photo below, but all we came up with were a few blots of inks here and there. InkScribbler Workshop

I really don’t want to give everything away because the workshop is definitely something that is best experienced one one’s own! However, I can say that it was very interesting and fun since there were so many talented people there. Despite that, though, the room also got utterly quiet at every start of the next block activity. We were all so focused because concentration is another key to calligraphy.

Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits you  at the Ink Scribbler workshop: InkScribbler Workshop

Our group was a mixture of newbies like me and some who were already versed in the world of calligraphy. Everyone was concentrated on their masterpieces, though, and we all wrote our own pages and notes on nicely pressed cards. InkScribbler Workshop InkScribbler Workshop is one of the respected Filipino tumblr accounts. It has a huge crowd of followers and is able to keep contact with its readers. That’s why I was also following it for a long time. Alexis’ voice is kind and she posts a lot of lovely quotes that have inspired me to learn about Calligraphy as it connects me to my love of weddings.

Fortunately, the workshop had the same touch as the blog – approachable and and kind-hearted art. Alexis was also able to approach everyone and see what they needed and talk to every one of us. While it sounds like a difficult task to do, Alexis was still able to balance everything out.

Below is a photo shot in between chit-chats and writing. InkScribbler Workshop InkScribbler Workshop



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