Ink Scribbler Workshop: Learn Calligraphy at Any Level

Generally speaking, calligraphy may tire your fingers along the way. Alexis said that this is normal, but it would still be best to take rests in between. During breaks, we enjoyed the served snacks by La Creperie in New Manila, Quezon City, where the Ink Scribbler workshop took place; and I must say they were really tasty! InkScribbler Workshop

Read our review on La Creperie here: InkScribbler Workshop InkScribbler Workshop

Ooooops! Make sure you don’t blot, scratch or hurt your paper.  It was challenging and fun for me. I am continuously practicing this. Because I believe its a very handy skill! By the way,I accidentally touched my specialty card while the ink was still wet, no photo taken. I learned my lesson. So as for the the quotation on the left, this is one of the sample trace papers. Sorry, I couldn’t show my own full masterpiece yet. But this saying is a favorite.

And the card that says When In Manila was also done by Alexis (photo shown on top of this article). Hard to miss because it was written beautifully. How about trying to write a love letter in Calligraphy? InkScribbler Workshop

And finally, getting the certificate that said: “No need to pinch yourself, this day really happened.” InkScribbler Workshop

It was bitter sweet to end and here’s our group photo for the class. InkScribbler Workshop Verdict:  Fancy experience! 

Personal Workshop Verdict: I am impressed by how Alexis and her team organized the event. They are young mentors of this art, but despite that, Alexis has already built a good name in the industry. She has also done a few wedding invitations of celebrities. Check out her site to find out who!


Ink Scribbler Workshop




Twitter: @alexiscventura

Instagram: @inkscribbler InkScribbler Workshop


Ink Scribbler Workshop: Learn Calligraphy at Any Level


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