La Creperie: Authentic French Cuisine in Manila

When in Manila, everybody loves French desserts. From macarons to crepes, French desserts will forever be the Filipinos’ kryptonite. But where can Filipinos go when they want to feast on French cuisine?

La Creperie.

Long-time friends Christine Laman and Marie Christine Ledesma-Ong first tried their luck at entrepreneurship by founding The Big Chill chain of juice bars. Fifteen years later the two decided to introduce authentic French crepes to Manila and share their own first-hand experiences with us. It was an interesting thought, since Ms. Laman had previously lived in Paris and spent most of her free time discovering the different kinds of crepes Paris and Britanny have to offer.

La Creperie Storefront

La Creperie 2nd Floor

 Pastel-hued, French country shabby chic interior

Care to take a look at some of the savory, hearty and sweet finds at La Creperie?

Blanquette de Boeuf (Php 395) One of La Creperie’s best home-style French foods, this hearty beef stew is an heirloom family recipe that features ingredients like white wine, fresh herbs and vegetables and cream. Ms Laman chose to have the rice shaped like the Louvre!

La Creperie Beef Stew


Emmental & Mozzarella Cheeseburger (Regular Php 295 / Large Php 385) A well-seasoned burger patty topped with melted emmental and mozzarella. The large order of cheeseburger can most likely fill two burger lovers’ tummies.

La Creperie Cheeseburger


Pesto Cream Carbonara (Php 275) Who doesn’t love pesto? A good serving of spaghetti is topped with a creamy concoction containing ham and mushrooms. It’s a must-try!

La Creperie Creamy Pesto Carbonara



A creperie is not a creperie without crepes. Check out the next page for some of the desserts!