Inflatable Island is So Much Fun and Here are Pictures to Prove it!

Looking for something new and exciting to do for summer? Get ready to beat the heat with Asia’s Biggest Floating Playground! Inflatable Island is now here in the Philippines, and it’s making every adrenaline junkies’ jaws drop! Make room in your bucketlist because you’ll definitely want Inflatable Island on it. If you’re a fan of trampolines, parkour, and slides then you better grab your ticket now. Inflatable Island is a floating playground located in Samba Blue Water Resort in Subic Bay and it’s officially opening on April 1.

Here are 7 reasons why you’ll love Inflatable Island:

7. You get to be a kid again

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1057

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321151601

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321162156

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321142844

Don’t you just miss being a kid and not worrying about anything? The reason behind Inflatable Island is to enjoy being a kid again. When you’re at Inflatable Island, the last thing you want to be is graceful; you’ll be falling, slipping, and being off-balanced. At Inflatable Island, get ready to get scratched, go back, and go and do it all over again. No worries about falling off though! There are 15 lifeguards to help whenever needed—especially when getting back on the playground.

6. Expect to burn calories!

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1063

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1047

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321153317

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1025

Don’t wanna skip out on gym day? Trying to get that summer body ready? Inflatable Island is known to be Asia’s biggest floating playground! It is equivalent to 8 basketball courts. If you’re looking to workout while having fun then brace yourselves because you can do both! You can burn over 800 calories just playing around. If you play for 2 hours then get ready to lose around 2,000 calories! Who says working out can’t be fun?!

5. The Bali-Inspired Lounge

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321134910 Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321135030

If the floating playground isn’t enough for you to get hyped up then check out their Bali-Lounge! Inflatable Island has a Bali-Inspired Lounge that’s perfect for when you’re hungry, tired, and for when you just want to relax and enjoy the beach vibes.

4. Beach+Food+Music

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321140941

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321141421

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321145056

Who wouldn’t want to be on the beach chilling with good music, yummy food, and refreshing drinks? Not only do you have access to the playground but you get to enjoy a whole day entry to the beach as well. This is why Inflatable Island is the perfect summer destination to bring your friends and family to! 

3. Instagrammable view + *ehem* cute floaters

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321141551

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321145739

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321181100

Let’s face it, we’re not just looking for a place to unwind but also for places that are IG worthy. Inflatable Island will be perfect for your feed with all the cute floaters they have! Not to mention the view of the beach!    

2. Unwind

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321150749

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1035

Be it work or school, we all need a quick getaway once in a while to let go and just feel carefree. At Inflatable Island, you wouldn’t care less about how you look, your homework, workload, and all those stressful stuff. Inflatable Island is a place where you just enjoy and make new friends. 

1. The obstacle courses

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1050 Inflatable Island_Rhobz-1032

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321152931 Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321150310

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321152837 Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321151331

What other reason do you need for you to get hyped up other than the obstacle courses? Part of our childhood is being left by our parents on playgrounds in malls or playing on inflatable playgrounds at fairs. Who wouldn’t want to grab the chance to do those again? Get competitive with your friends/family with all the obstacles that Inflatable Island has—human launcher, rock climbing, monkey vines, trampoline, jungle bars, giant tarzan swing and slide, and so much more!

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321140728

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on all the fun! Book online now and save up to 10%! Here are the rates at Inflatable Island:

  • Splash: P699 (P799 walk-in rate) two hours of full access to the floating playground
  • Spray: P999 (P1,099 walk-in rate) half day pass
  • Whole-Day Pass: P1,399 (P1,499 walk-in rate)

All passes include: whole day entry to the beach area, exclusive access to the Bali-inspired Inflatable Island Lounge

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Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines 2222