Inagiku at Makati Shangri-La Hotel: Defining the Art of Japanese Dining Over the Weekends

Inagiku at Makati Shangri-La Hotel: Defining the Art of Japanese Dining over the Weekends


When In Manila and looking for a place that offers authentic Japanese cuisine equaled with outstanding service and courtesy, look no further because Inagiku at Makati Shangri-La Hotel offers the finest quality Japanese Utage Buffet in the Metro!

InagikuInagiku at Makati Shangri-La Hotel: Defining the Art of Japanese Dining over the Weekends

Inagiku boasts in its authenticity of freshness and flavors of prime ingredients. Frequent guests of Inagiku consider this as their ‘Little Tokyo’, where they have found this intimate and fancy Japanese nook in the city. The restaurant offers a limited variety, but the quality cannot be compared to those of others. Indeed, Inagiku defines the art of Japanese dining.


The wonderful utage feast at Inagiku serves only during Saturdays and Sundays lunchtime. Be sure to make your reservations early as the place are flocked with diners who are clamoring for this elegant Japanese dining.

They are well-known for their wide sushi selections and not just your usual tuna and salmon favorites. They even place an entire area for their sushi section! I could see that they have a lot of style and offers a lot of exquisite entries. Freshness is guaranteed so that gives you a taste of the ocean!

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I am not big on sushi, sashimi or maki; but once I tasted their offerings, I couldn’t say no to more! The usual buffet sushi offerings in other restaurants are quite limited and lacks flavor. But in here, I’m just glad it doesn’t have this “stinky” or “fishy” smell in it, especially the uni and saba. If this is how sushi is supposed to be made, I would gladly spend my money and time just to have a wonderful feast of sushi everyday.

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Japanese dining wouldn’t be complete without a teppanyaki section! I love how the chefs at Inagiku kept tossing and turning my choice of beef on the iron griddle, while I basked in the simmering delight of how wonderfully aromatic the section was. By that moment, I considered myself lucky to be standing in front of the chefs, waiting for them to cook my food. What’s even better is the chance to taste their cooking. The beef was tender and juicy – just perfect.

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Notice the marbling of their beef? I believe it’s a high grade top blade and evidently the color is light, which is an excellent proof of beef quality! Now that’s an awesome choice of meat here at Inagiku! They definitely didn’t skimp on their ingredients. This is probably the main reason why guests keep coming back.

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Oh, yes, sukiyaki anyone? They will gladly cook a bowl of sukiyaki once you place an order at their section. Don’t forget to have them add their shiitake mushrooms since it’s the best part of their soup!

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And here are more photos of the hot entries that were served during our weekend visit at Inagiku! From crabs, shrimps, fish, gyozas and barbecued pork and much, much more! Now who wouldn’t be enticed to dine here? Just looking at the photos of the amazing spread makes me want to go back again! 

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