In This World of “Walang Forever”, Meron Palang “Pwede Pala.”

Let’s take a quick break from all the hugot out there and let’s have something different. Through this post, let’s try to believe and hope in love again because, really, it’s out there, and when it’s real, it feels real.

Love yourself, appreciate yourself fully, and the right person would come along at the most ideal time to make love feel right.

Prepare for some cheesiness! Girls, take notes. These are all based on a true story so believe that these, too, are waiting for you once the love feels right and real.

(If you have your own version, let us know about it!)

10. Puso ko, mga bes.


It’s not always about the kilig. It’s not always about how he looks today, or how maporma he is today. Sometimes, even the smallest gestures of him simply smiling at you or asking you a seemingly insignificant question would make your heart do those little flips inside. Outside, you’d end up smiling like a weirdo, but hey, your smile is your most precious accessory. Wear it with pride!

9. Welcome home.


Yeah, I know, we shouldn’t make homes out of people. While that is indeed true, feeling “at home” with your significant other is one of the best feelings ever. Suddenly, everything feels right. You can be you without masks, without any form of pretense, and you can still feel really good about it.

8. Keep calm, be calm, beshie.


If it’s real and it’s true, this is something you’d automatically feel. Sure, there are doubts and there will be moments of what-ifs, but the love you feel would always prevail. You’d believe his words, you’d trust in his assurances, and you’d sincerely feel that it’s okay. It’s fine. It’s finally okay to trust.

7. Totoo na ‘to!



You know those cheesy stuff you see in movies or read about in books? Yes, they can happen in real life. Those “#relationshipgoals” on Twitter can actually happen to you, too! He can show you off and shower you with sweet words. He can be fearless enough to tell you how he truly feels about you, no matter how cheesy it would sound like. He wouldn’t mind anything as long as he makes you feel how much you are loved by him.

6. Extra rice pa, beh. Okay lang ‘yan.


This is very important, girls! It’s okay to be health-conscious or to be all-out in loving food. Regardless of your preference with the way you carry your body, to him, it is not a basis of love. He wouldn’t love you less if you’ve gained or lost a little (or a lot!) of weight. You can openly tell him about your plans of going to the gym and finally getting that sexy body, but even if food ends up winning (we know it will), he’ll love you just the same. This goes for makeup, too! He’ll never fail to make you feel pretty and gorgeous with or without makeup. Overall, he’ll love you just the same, no matter what.

5. Ikaw ang Ms. Universe ng buhay niya.


He’ll show you off, he’ll be proud of you, and he won’t be shy to show everyone that you’re his. I once asked him, “aren’t guys, like, they shouldn’t be showy and stuff?” and he simply told me that there was no need to hide the way he feels for me. His Facebook and Instagram friends would know that. Well, even if your significant other isn’t the showy type, you should still feel that he’s proud of you and he would show you, even in the simplest of ways. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be.

4. Tara, usap tayo.


Problems need not end in argument and tears, or even possible threats of break-ups. When the love is real, problems can be talked about. Yes, even if the love is real, we can’t escape from problems. It’s just a matter of how the both of you would deal with it. Talk it out, compromise, and let love prevail. It will.

3. Sa’yo na ang korona.


You have your insecurities. You have parts of yourself in and out which you consider as your downfall. That’s okay, we all have that. But you know what, to him, it’s okay. He’ll love you just the same and he’ll make you feel special. The both of you can work on those insecurities together – both his and yours – and in the end, your love grows stronger.

2. Okay? Okay.


Everything’s just… okay. It feels right, it feels light, it feels real. You both can talk about absolutely anything and be completely open to your significant other, yet you feel safe. You feel sound. He won’t judge you for anything and even your differences can be discussed in a welcoming manner.

1. Tiwala lang, bes.


What I’ve mentioned in this post are based on my personal experiences. You may have your own version of what makes love feel real and right to you yet no matter what our basis is, just believe that it’s possible. I didn’t. I once thought it was too much a wishful thinking for me, yet here they are. So, indeed, pwede pala. 

Tiwala lang, bes! The right love would come and see for yourself. You would also find yourself saying, “Wow. Pwede palang ganito,” and your heart would feel at ease.

Got anything to add or to share with us? Let us know about it!