The Importance of Self-Care in Today’s Chaotic World

Have you been feeling low lately? Tired? Stressed? Unhappy? 

I have been feeling under the weather the past couple of days. I got sick and my body’s energy reservoir hit critical levels; thus, I cancelled work and cancelled plans. As I scrolled through social media, though, I noticed it wasn’t just me. Many other people in my circle have been feeling the same way.

With all of the chaos happening in the world, self-care has become essential. Beyond Friday nights out and sipping wine in bubble baths, maybe it’s about time to broaden our ways of self-care. 

I decided it was time for me to breathe and try other means to recuperate. On a “FriYay”, I found myself at the Yuchecngco Museum to attend the opening night of the Y Now? Art & Healing Festival (in a Time of Critical Disruption). From May 24- June 23 2019, Y Space brings together a series of activities in relation to contemporary spirituality and consciousness right next to the expressive arts of our culture.

Art & Healing Festival

I didn’t really know what to expect that night, but the people were very welcoming and I could just sense good vibes. We got inside, removed our shoes, and sat on mats in a circle. There was artwork depicting spirituality and nature, as well as roses and candles in the middle. We were also asked to turn off our phones to prevent the electromagnetic energy from interfering with our flow.

During the opening ceremony, I got to experience a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, a ceremony centered around singing. We used sacred cacao as a heart opening elixir, allowing us to expand our capacity to be in the state of flow and a loving space. 

Art and Healing Festival

I don’t usually eat chocolate, so I didn’t know how my tastebuds would react to cacao and strong herbs boiled for a couple of hours. It was surprisingly comforting!

Art and Healing Festival

All night, we sang and moved to the and rhythm of our spirits. Most of us were shy at first, but we eventually let go and gave in to the beat of the drums. 

Art & Healing Festival

We also meditated and connected with the wisdom within us. 

Besides meditation, yoga, and song ceremonies, they also offer talks that include art and spirituality seen through the visual arts, architecture, and photography. For millennials, there are workshops for work-life balance, understanding the self, energies and how to manage them, and new perspectives to deal with fast-paced life.

Art and Healing Festival

Even children and teens can take classes on expression and healing!

There also are special talks to introduce Ayurveda and centering ways, as well as one-on-one sessions of therapies that support the body’s energy balance like the traditional massage  hilot, acupuncture, and reiki. 

Art and Healing Festival

All events are offered to the general public. These programs are also for companies that want to expand their employee engagement programs to offer work-life balance and ways to connect and reach their millennial employees.

Circle of Light 5

Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed and detached that we forget the more important things in life: health, love, peace of mind to name a few. I’m really glad I took this assignment. It helped me re-energize, reconnect with myself and see the world from a wider perspective. 

I can attest that this is worth a try. I never thought I would find a sense of peace and healing in the noisy and hustling heart of the metro. Check out their website for the rest of the classes offered – and at reasonable rates, too!

Understand the world outside by exploring the world within.

Y Now? Art & Healing Festival

 Y Space at the Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza, Buendia corner Ayala Avenues, Makati