If You’re A Gundam Fan, You Absolutely Can’t Miss Out On The Gunpla Expo!

GunplaExpo_42IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!

February 25 marks the start of the Philippine leg of the Gunpla Expo World Tour, and this one’s special since it’s a first for Filipino Gundam fans everywhere! People lined up even before the Expo was opened for everyone to visit and the line was actually quite amazing. People from all ages lined up eagerly waiting to get their Gunpla fix either by getting that next dream kit to build, or seeing model kit masterpieces on display.

GunplaExpo_41Before 10 AM, people were already lining up!

So what exactly does one have to expect when visiting the Expo?


A Collector’s Must-Haves: Gunpla Expo Exclusive Kits!

The moment I approached the entrance to the Expo, I wasn’t met by people lining up. I was met by a display of built Expo exclusive model kits outside. I had the initial impression that clear kits aren’t my jam, but seeing them up close gave me a new perspective about ‘em! I love that RG Trans-Am Raiser Clear Version!

GunplaExpo_28The beautiful Trans-Am Clear 00 Gundam…

GunplaExpo_29…with the equally stunning Trans-Am Clear 0 Raiser. Only at the Expo!

Plus those metallic version kits look absolutely fantastic! How I wish I was able to take any one of them home!




Do take note, however, that you have to purchase a certain amount on kits available in the event to be eligible to buy these exclusive kits.


Filipino Pride: Masterpieces by our Local Builders!

I’m quite the lurker in Pinoy Gunpla Facebook communities. Photos of custom builds are a very common sight and I believe there’s at least a couple of custom builds shared everyday. The Expo gives our own talents an opportunity to shine even more among fans and non-fans who will visit the event.







Seeing these customized builds in person is quite inspiring, actually; makes me want to customize my own builds. Absolutely beautiful!

Also, quite the amusing addition to the exhibit is a Filipino-themed display that features famous local figures such as Manny Pacquiao and Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, as well as iconic, uniquely Filipino cultural artifacts such as the kalesa and the jeepney.





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