ICYMI: Here Are 10 Local Indie Artists To Check Out Before 2016 Ends

Another year is about to end, and I, for one, can say that 2016 has been a good year for the Philippines’ up-and-coming indie artists.

With all the albums, gigs, and music festivals that took place this year, it shows that more and more Filipinos are now supporting OPM.

But hey, in case you’ve missed it, here are ten homegrown artists that you should totally check out before 2016 ends.

10. Loop

Loop is an independent band based in Iligan City that has also been gracing Manila’s music scene with their catchy and energetic tunes every once in a while. They are releasing their new album entitled ‘Reality & Dreams’ next year, so keep an eye (and your ears) out!

Fave song: Peppermint Mocha


9. SUD

This year’s crowd favorite, SUD, has been serenading us with their music – the kind that makes you want to snuggle up to your partner even when you’re in the middle of a jam-packed gig. Although most of their songs are sexy in nature, this word is an understatement when trying to explain how good they are.

Fave song: Smilky


King Puentespina, or popularly known as CRWN, is a Manila-based producer, composer and beat-maker who makes distinctive music through modern technologies. He often collaborates with other local and international artists like Jess Connelly, Curtissmith and Kajo.

In King’s own words, his music is “best enjoyed with scotch on the rocks and a smidge of urban ennui.”

Fave song: Under Blankets (in collab with Jess Connelly)

7. The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective is an indie-folk band in Manila that creates eclectic music through concoctions of guitar leads, keyboards, violin and more. Their pleasing songs are one of those “must-experience live” kind of thing. You’ll surely want to dance around in glee when you catch them playing at gigs.

Fave song: Settled

6. Autotelic

Whoever said that Pinoy talent can’t ace the pop-rock genre has definitely never heard Autotelic’s music. However, what sets them apart from all the artists in the same field is that their music is infused with catchy and dancey vibes with lyrics that make a lot of sense and are products of good talent and hard work.

Fave song: Laro

5. Oh, Flamingo!

Oh, Flamingo is an indie-rock outfit that aims to provide eccentric songs that would not only catch your attention, but will also make you sing your heart out when they play. Their music is lively and vibrant and perfect for those who want to get lost in enjoyment.

Fave song: Two Feet

4. Reese Lansangan

Another crowd favorite, Reese even has her own fans club of some sort called “Batang Lansangan”. But truth is, whether you are or not part of this group, it’s impossible for you not to like her unconventional music. You wouldn’t want to miss out on her songs about correct grammar, space and planets and Mean Girls characters.

Fave song: St. Petersburg

3. Toni B

While her music may be heavily influenced by the ’40s and ’50s, Toni B’s powerful voice, talent and skills in playing musical instruments enable her to produce wonderful songs that are distinctively hers.

Watch her perform once and you’ll understand why people like me are so fond of her! Plus, she has this kind of personality wherein she can naturally own the stage and even the whole room when she plays.

Fave song: Bang Bang

2. Ourselves the Elves

Ourselves the Elves is a self-managed and unsigned band that plays pleasing melodies and enchanting harmonies reflected into songs that will make you feel things of all sorts. Imagine “emotional” but in a totally good way. It’s the kind of music perfect for late night reflections or when you’re lying by the shore under a bed of stars.

Fave song: Cincinnati Clocks

1. B.P. Valenzuela

BP  is a singer-songwriter who loves compositions from the ’80s and ’90s because they are very heartfelt; which are pretty much like the lyrics of her songs– all confessional in nature. She’s currently making electro-pop music through using analog synthesizers, drum machines, loop stations, and samplers.

Fave song: General Scheme of Things

General Scheme Of Things from The Thing on Vimeo.


Seriously though, give our local artists a chance.

Because I swear, once you go into the local indie music scene, once you really start exploring, supporting and listening, rest assured that these Filipino talents can cater to all your musical preferences.

Do you know any artists to add to this list? Tell us in the comments.