I Tried Whitening My Teeth at Urban Smiles for New Year!

When people say “New Year, New Me” when they talk about their physical appearance, I’m sure most don’t give regards to their teeth; it’s always about getting a new haircut or changing their wardrobe. But smiles are important for one’s look, too, so it’s only right to also focus on having a great set of teeth. That’s why I decided to get my teeth whitened at Urban Smiles Dental Clinic for the New Year.

Facade of the Pasay branch of Urban Smiles Dental Clinic

To be fair, my teeth are okay. Looking back, I really just wanted to see what I could do to make them look better. Urban Smiles Dental Clinic understands that smiles are some of the best things you can wear, so I tried out their teeth whitening services.

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Urban Smiles Dental Clinic promises to offer quality services at affordable prices. They’ve been around since 2013 and have garnered a lot of loyal clients ever since. In fact, they became so famous that they’ve managed to open 5 branches so far in Tayuman, Cubao, Pasay, Sta. Lucia, and Fairview. They take pride in their state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on work, which is evident in many ways.

Basic services like dental cleaning only cost a minimum of Php500. More complex procedures start at Php5,000. If you think that’s a bit expensive, trust me: it’s worth your money. They do free consultations (so you can check what needs to be done to your teeth first, no consultation fee) and once you take part in a procedure (like dental braces, for example), you’ll be assigned to a dentist. This is convenient because you’ll have one trusted dentist who really knows your teeth and will take care of them as opposed to other dental clinics who have different dentists working on your braces.

They have other services, as well, such as the dental cleaning, tooth extractions, dental x-rays, fillings/pasta, dentures, and dental implants. You may view the rest here.

As mentioned, I availed of their Teeth Whitening service. But before they started working on it, they suggested dental cleaning first.

A patient getting dental cleaning (Php500)

After that, they’ll check what shade your teeth is for comparison with the outcome. Mine was relatively light and the doctor showed me what I could expect by going one shade brighter—it looked fine to me. They explained what really happens to teeth during the process and what I need to do and avoid after the teeth whitening procedure, proving how hands-on they are. After I understood everything, the process began.

My current shade with a promise that it would become one shade whiter after

UV lights mounted on my teeth

The whole procedure was honestly uncomfortable in many ways, but the result is fairly great. I could immediately see the difference from my teeth before. There were white patches on my teeth after the operation, but the dentist assured me that it would spread evenly after 3 days. Fast forward to 3 days later, here’s how they look now:

Before (Jan. 12)  and After (Jan. 15)

Initially, I thought that I wouldn’t notice the difference, but it actually does look whiter than before. Many of my friends even noticed how white it has become, even if it was just one shade whiter! Also, thanks to the instructions of my dentist and the receptionist, I managed to avoid painful teeth sensitivity and food that could possibly stain it. Take note that this is important because the food you eat is what causes your teeth to not look as white as you want them to be. If you avoid colored drinks and food staining your front teeth, you’ll be good.

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I’m really happy with the results and glad I started the year feeling better about myself. Maybe it’s your turn, too! After getting a makeover, finish it up with teeth whitening at Urban Smiles Dental Clinic!

P.S. They have a donation drive called “Project: Share-A-Smile”. If you have anything you don’t use anymore, you can drop them off at any of their branches. It’ll be donated to Bahay Kalinga after they close the dropping period. Help eradicate poverty!

Urban Smiles Dental Clinic


Manila Branch
3rd Floor, ADM Building, #2015 Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila
521-9930 / 0917-303-8424 / 0920-949-3551

Cubao Branch
Underground Floor, New Farmer’s Plaza Mall, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City
364-4288 / 0917-810-5390 / 0998-884-9904

Pasay Branch
2nd Floor, Empire Center Mall, Edsa Corner Taft Avenue, Pasay City
865-6098 / 0917-565-5104 / 0998-884-9904

Sta. Lucia East Mall Branch
2nd Level, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal
941-9304 / 0917-893-5540 / 0908-888-0459


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