I Saw this Travel Film of the Philippines and Thought “I’m So Lucky I Live Here”

It’s true. I do think I’m so lucky I get to say the Philippines is where I’m from. I’ve never been the patriotic type, but every time I travel and see with my own two eyes the many wonderful places in the Philippines, I think to myself that no matter where my wanderlusting heart takes me, I will always want to come home to thisthe islands, the crystal clear waters, the towering coconut trees, the powdery sand, the majestic mountains. I will always want to come home to this.

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And that is the same feeling that was evoked in me when I came across this travel video featuring the Philippines. From the views of El Nido, the sunsets in Boracay, the mystifying wonders of Bohol, I was captivated. Even though I’ve seen many of these places in person already. All these natural wonders; they never fail to take your breath away, don’t they?

The video was made and uploaded by Vimeo user, Moderne. Check out his film here, and prepare to be awed:

Source: www.vimeo.com/moderne

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How about you? What is your favorite travel destination in the Philippines? Share your answers in the comments.