I Just Went to Cake Heaven! Here’s What Happened

Written by Edriel Pascua
Photography by Rhobynne Villaluna
Videography by Eden Hernandez

Before, if you’d ask me what cake I want, I’ll probably mention something from the big names of the cake-making industry. But boy did that change when I found this home-based bakery called Himagas Cakes and Pastries.

“Himagas” is Tagalog for dessert, and it’s just perfect for the store that offers sweet cakes. The business is spearheaded by a passionate wife with his supportive husband. They’re definitely relationship goals, if I may say so. She has been baking for three years, but the store only came official last year. Himagas prides itself of selling affordable cakes without sacrificing the quality and their fairness to the customers.

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Himagas Cakes

And without further ado, here are their current list of cakes that’ll surely blow your taste buds away like what happened to mine.

6. Banana and Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

Himagas Cupcakes

What’s a bakestore without cupcakes, right? Their banana cupcakes go well with your morning coffee to start the day while the moist chocolates (sprinkled with sugar candies!) are perfect for your afternoon snack to get you hyperactive. The sweetness is just ample, and the smell is already enough to fill your hungry tummies.

Cost: 40-50 PHP each by bulk depending on the flavor.

5. Chocolate Overload Jr. Cake

Himagas Cakes

The name won’t disappoint, I tell you. It’s a 5-inch, 2-layer chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache while also generously covered with Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers and Belgian chocolate shavings on top and chocolate java chips decorated at the side. I just made you lick your lips, didn’t I? The baker also allows you to choose your own toppings! It’s the perfect gift for someone you know is a chocolate lover.

Cost: Starting price at 500 Php depending on the toppings requested

4. Oreo Chocolate Cake

Himagas Cakes

This literally looks like a cookies and cream-flavored ice cream in cake version. This 8-inch cake is heaven at first sight because of its mouthwatering frosting combination of whipped cream and Oreos. Look at how generous they are with the ingredients. Oreos for everyone!

3. Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

Himagas Cakes

A sweet tooth and a marshmallow lover’s wish come true. The marshmallow frosting is home-made with semi-sweet chocolate shavings to balance the taste. The middle is filled with choco fudgy ganache that glues the two layers of chocolate cake. This cake will bring out the child in you for some reasons. Maybe it’s the marshmallows?

2. Kitkat Cake

Himagas Cakes

Warning: This is not for the diabetic. This is a two-layer chocolate cake with sticky chocolate ganache in the middle and inside topped with a generous amount of Maltesers and M&Ms surrounded by bars of KitKat. I’m out of words to describe this masterpiece. I’d prefer eating it than talking about it!

1. Banana Walnut Crunch

Himagas Cakes

Himagas’ best-seller, this cake is a nutritious treat with banana as the main ingredient with a cream cheese filling topped with either walnuts or banana chips. I don’t like consuming too much banana, but for this cake I think I may have had, and I totally do not regret it.

Regular-size cake prices from Php 700-1,000 while junior cakes are from Php 400-600. All cakes featured here can be ordered in its regular size (8 inches) or junior size (5 inches) except the Chocolate Overload. They deliver as far as Quezon City but only on Sundays and with a delivery charge, while nearby areas such as Paranaque and Las Pinas are free of charge. They also welcome arranged meet-ups.

Orders must be filed two days in advance via their Facebook page. Current modes of payment available are BPI bank deposit and cash on delivery. Also, they’re currently experimenting on their liquor cake! That’s right. Two all-time favorites in one bite, so I suggest you follow them for updates.

Did you just crave for cake? I won’t be surprised. What would you like to try first? Share them below!

Himagas Cakes and Pastries

Pulang Lupa Dos, Naga Road, Las Pinas
Facebook: www.facebook.com/himagascakesandpastries/
Instagram: @himagas_ng_bayan


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