10 Desserts That Represent People We Have Dated

Desserts are sweet and so are the ideal dates that we want to have.

We also want both to be so good that we’d like to have them again. We’d also like them to leave a lingering feeling that makes us about them afterwards.

It may sound funny, but some of the people I have dated are like these desserts – some are sweet, some are nutty, some are cold, and some have sprinkles here and there.

Anghelicas ube leche flan when in manila

10. Leche Flan

Leche flan is a custard-like dessert commonly enjoyed on Christmas, fiestas, and other festive occasions. It’s like that person you only go out with every now and then to show off during occasions where you meet the entire family so you don’t have to get asked “bakit wala ka pang boyfriend/girlfriend?”. It’s delicious but you can only have it when there is some sort of celebration.

In some cases, “sweet siya sa’yo, sweet siya sa kanya so leche siya… leche flan.”


9. Ice Cream

It melts when its hot like when placed under the sun, which is the same with the date who melts under pressure. Its the date who melts when you put them on spotlight, or when your family or friends put them on hot seat. You have to finish it quickly otherwise all you have is ice cream soup, and no one wants that.

Little Black Box Oozing Lava Cake Chocolate Creations

8. Cupcake

The cupcake is a dessert that usually is for single serving. It may not be very filling but it can be satisfying at times. However, more often than not, you need to have more than one to get that level of satisfaction. Otherwise, you’ll just keep craving for more.

kitchen's best white chocolate macadamia brittle cheesecake

7. Cheesecake

This dessert is fancy-schmancy, something you need to dress up for in order to have. The first few forkfuls are exciting but as you have more and more of it, you realize that you deserve something more real and something less commercial.

Southern Creperie FCC

6. Crepe

This is another fancy dessert. Its more flexible though because you can have it topped with almost anything. Be it sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, slices of fruits, and even ice cream, name it and it can be a good pair for it. Its that date who is super adaptable that seems like #relationshipgoals. However, sometimes it comes with nuts and you just have to deal with it.

Maja Blanca Remedios

5. Maja Blanca

This dessert is creamy, delicate, and corny, much like that date who humors you. It is delicate though that you can easily break it apart. Also, corn in is corn out because it’s difficult to digest. And once you go corny, you can’t go uncorny.

The Aristocrat Restaurant When In Manila Mae Ilagan 6

4. Brazo de Mercedes

Brazo de Mercedes is a rich, sweet, and sticky dessert that you gives you options – have like a regular cake or frozen. It clings to you but it stays guarded similar to its custard filling that has always been set in its ways.


3. Halo-Halo

It is the smorgasbord of anything and everything sweet. However, it can be very unpredictable. Sometimes it comes with soft jelly that takes the shape of its container. Sometimes it has that crunchy pinipig that sticks in between your teeth. Sometimes it’s topped with ice cream, when you get the special halo-halo, but it melts under pressure. Sometimes it’s overly sweet but sometimes it hits the right spot.

Manilabake Pineapple pie

2. Pie

Buko pie, apple pie, pineapple pie, or whatever pie looks like it got its sh*t together. It appears organized with its interlaced top. However, when you slice through it, you get to its gooey center that spills out unexpectedly. Sometimes, pie is just more than what you asked for.

Greg's Fruitcakery (2)

1. Chocolate Cake

It is the safe kind of dessert, something a person who doesn’t want to try anything new would choose. Although the classic may be considered the best by many, it can be boring. Also, sometimes it has a bitter taste to it.

So, what desserts have you dated? Have we missed any? Let us know what other desserts to add.