I followed my heart and this is what happened

Ever been in a situation where you’d have to choose between doing what other people tell/expect you to and what you actually love? If you’ve been making a decision based on others and/or circumstances for a while now, ever wondered what might have happened if you followed your heart? I did. I’ve always acted based on what the people around me would’ve wanted me to do. My personality struggled its way out every now and then. This 2017 tho, I finally had the freedom to follow mine. This is how I did it and how it turned out.

Work + Travel at Asian Village Tagaytay

Being the ‘creative one’ in the family, they’d all say the same – “art won’t feed you.” Then again, there are different types of art. Communication arts wasn’t even my first choice. I realized that besides the things we always hear, there is always something else they never mentioned. We perfectly fit somewhere in this world where we don’t have to settle, we just have to go out there and discover. Traveling is one way to do it. In fact, I fell in love with it and now I get to do it for my job. The path I chose wasn’t so bad as they made it sound after all.

Summer in December vibes in my @pausshbikinis rash guard!

I became creative with all my resources to build myself and get here. Gained confidence by actually gaining something – a skill, a language, a talent.Β Never let failure bring you down. Accept it, be aware of your flaws, and work on it. When another door opens, make sure you prepared for it. When you are, all that’s left to do is trust yourself. Always give yourself an upgrade to boost your self-esteem, but keep both feet on the ground. This way, I continuously learn and do most of what I love – telling stories through writing and video.

The journey we’re at right now may seem like everything at the moment. When you’ve reached your short-term goals, you’ll realize that it’s but a portion of a bigger one. Getting there doesn’t just stop there. Even so, we should not let it discourage or distract us. Switching to a positive mindset helped me get through obstacles along the way. My pursuit of passion involved sacrificing one thing for another but it was all worth it. Looking forward to greater blessings this coming 2018!

What’s the greatest thing you’ve done for something or someone you love?

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