I Attended a Nude Drawing Session and This is What It Was Like


I have always loved creating art. I am a frustrated architect and love to paint during my free time. I draw a lot of random things because making art is therapeutic for me. I am not good at drawing, but it is a hobby of mine. Throughout my life, I have drawn a lot of subjects and portraits; but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be drawing nude people one day.

Thanks to PensNBrushes, I got to experience this one-of-a-kind art session. Partnering with Pineapple Lab and sponsored by Faber-Castell, The Life Drawing Session featured a special presentation in line with the celebration of Pride Month through ‘The Forsaken Bride’.


I won’t spoil why our Life Drawing Session was called The Forsaken Bride, but I must say that their concept was one-of-a-kind and heartbreaking. There was also live music accompanying the session, making our experience more dramatic and intimate.


What caught my attention were the models for this session. As a first-timer at this kind of gathering, I was a little bit nervous about what to expect. Of course, it’s not a regular thing for me to see someone else nude in front of me. Much more, I had to stare at them for a long time to capture what I wanted to draw. The models were so professional in their craft that they made everyone feel comfortable with their artistic poses and emotions. Their emotions were passed onto us artists, making our job to draw them easier.


Truth be told, my drawing was not great. It was my first time to do a still life drawing live and I was really just feeling the moment and atmosphere the whole time; but here’s what I learned through this event:

Learn to relax.


I was definitely anxious the first time I stepped into Pineapple Lab, but all my worries and unease were immediately greeted with a warm welcome from the PenNBrushes staff. They are so nice to the point that I forgot that this was my first life drawing session and that I didn’t know these people yet. It seems like I had known them for so long. Mental note to self: ALWAYS RELAX. Your fellow artists won’t bite you.

Forget about your worries.


Afraid that you are not good at drawing? Scared other artists might judge or make fun of your work? Stop worrying. Everyone at the event is professional and it won’t be in their nature to judge how you express yourself through your work. It doesn’t matter if you create abstract art or just do anime doodles; what matters most is that you enjoy what you are doing and get to express the craft in your own way.

Make friends.


Whether you are a loner or an extrovert, you will find friends who can jam with your personality. I personally met a lot of amazing people who I didn’t expect to be so warm and nice. We tend to stereotype artists as introverts; but when you put them all together in one place, you might actually get an amazing set of new acquaintances and friends out of it.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself.


Drawing sessions are the best place to express yourself as no one will mind how you do it. This is what I particularly liked about this session. I got to do my own thing without anyone bothering me. You do you, no matter how you execute it. No judgments, just pure fun.

Always remember that YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.


The number one reason why I wanted to attend this event so much, though, was to support events that celebrate everyone. No matter what gender, principle or beliefs; you are very much welcome here. For The Forsaken Bride, they celebrated all genders through their drawing session.

Though I am not part of the LGBT community, I have supported them all the way from the start. Coming from a group of friends full of different personalities, I made small efforts for my LGBT friends to feel accepted and loved by our society.

I love them with all my heart just like how I love my straight friends. There is no gender bias or discrimination when it comes to spreading LOVE and PEACE here on Earth, which is why I highly supported this PensNBrushes event in line with the Pride Month celebrations.


Our society needs more events like this so they know that each and every living person in this world has the same rights and privileges as everyone. Whether you are a girl, boy, lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual; we are not defined by the labels given to us. We are all created equal and everyone deserves to be loved.

Let us break the walls that discriminate against people who chose to show the world their true colors. Kudos to the PensNBrushes team for the success of The Forsaken Bride and may these kinds of events show us that regardless of our preferences, we all deserve a place in this world.

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