Fun Facts About Hyun Bin You Might Not Know Yet

“I think touring the Philippines would be a great experience,” said Korean megastar Hyun Bin as he mused about the opportunity to travel once again, especially to visit his Filipino fans, in the second leg of the Smart Hallyu Hangouts.

Presented by leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc., Hyun Bin graced the second episode of the Smart Hallyu Hangouts, a series of online shows where subscribers can watch their Korean idols through a live feed from wherever they are in the world. This episode follows the premiere of the series, which featured Hyun Bin’s ‘Crash Landing On You’ leading lady Son Ye-jin.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Hyun Bin 1

Hyun Bin recounted many stories and details during the interview, especially of his interesting and memorable experience shooting his iconic commercial for Smart.

“The Smart commercial was full of visual effects. Everything that surrounded me was computer graphics, so I had to act in an empty space,” Hyun Bin said about the ad, which he said he liked. “It was exciting to imagine what the result would be like, but at the same time, not knowing if I’m doing all right or even what I was doing made me feel a little awkward. But it was exciting as well.

The actor also gave fans a closer look at his life and personality, regaling everyone with interesting bits of trivia. Here are some of our favorite Hyun Bin tidbits from the event:

He doesn’t think he was born to be an actor.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Hyun Bin 2

It was surprising for everyone to hear that Hyun Bin doesn’t think he was born to be an actor. However, he explains that this is because he believes he might be good at other things, too. “I wanted to be a detective as a kid,” he shares. “I think I might be a good golf player, too. I also think I can run a business.” Either way, we believe he could’ve done anything he set his mind to.

He doesn’t cry when he watches movies or TV shows.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Hyun Bin 3

In fact, Hyun Bin admits that he doesn’t cry very often at all. This is surprising because he cries so well when he acts. Apparently, he can do it when he acts but he can’t do it otherwise. :p

He searches for his name on the Internet once a day.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Hyun Bin 4

And it’s not actually a vanity or a curiosity thing. “I want to know if there’s something about me that I don’t know of,” he explains. For events, for example, he wants to see how the event was covered. Let’s hope he gets to read this somehow. :p

He doesn’t love himself a lot.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Hyun Bin 5

As confident as Hyun Bin might look in the characters that he plays, he doesn’t actually love himself very much. “I push myself a lot but I barely compliment myself,” he shares. “Living as an actor, I sometimes feel like I’m forced to live as Hyun Bin which makes it hard for me to care about my true self.” He also points out that tHis is one of the reasons why he doesn’t use social media. “I want to keep my private life and personal life separate. I think it’s something only I can deal with.”

Hyun Bin also thanked his Filipino fans for their unwavering support and vowed to visit them as soon as he can after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“I’m always grateful to my fans,” he said. “All I can do for them to repay their love is to continue acting, hoping it would make their life a little better. Although it was for a short time, I got to talk with my fans and talk about my works for a short while. It was nice to communicate with my fans, even though I could only see them through a screen.”

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Hyun Bin 6

Smart Hallyu Hangouts is one of the brand’s ways of bringing amazing experiences to its valued subscribers. Despite the physical limitations brought about by the pandemic, Smart champions its dedication and cutting-edge technology to bring its Korean endorsers closer to their Filipino fans.

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