HUAWEI Watch Fit: Unboxing and Key Specs

Last September, HUAWEI launched yet another awesome wearable that’s not only practical but very affordable too- The HUAWEI Watch Fit, which is priced at only P4,999!

Been using it for over 2 months and I must say that this is my most favourite HUAWEI Watch so far. I have a lot of things I’d like to say about my experience but perhaps I’ll reserve that on my next article. For now, I’d like to show you first the contents of the box, in case you may want to purchase one for yourself or for your loved ones this Christmas.

Time to unbox!

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 5

the box

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2

The HUAWEI Watch Fit comes with a 1.64″ 456 x 280 pixels AMOLED color screen

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 1

Box contents: 1. the watch 2. charging cable 3. manual


The box simply contains the watch, charging cable and manual/warranty papers.

As soon as you open the box, you’ll be greeted by the gorgeous watch that looks so irresistible you’d want to wear it on your wrist right away. It’s such an eye candy. Casual yet elegant, sophisticated yet trendy – no wonder I’ve been hearing so many rave reviews about it.

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 19

Like with the HUAWEI Watch GT 2E the Watch Fit also comes with a lightweight silicone strap. Personally, I really like this a lot because it’s durable, lightweight and it looks cute. I got the Mint Green and it’s so relaxing to the eyes.

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 04

Of course, I strapped it right away…


HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 06

I really love its design especially the fact that the shape is rectangular this time. The screen looks bigger and clearer to look at too.


Here’s a quick look at the top specs for the HUAWEI Watch Fit:

Top 1: 10 days battery long life

Aside from the fact that it charges super fast, it also lasts up to 10 days for typical usage and around 7 days for heavy usage. 5 mins of charging can power the watch for a full day and you just have to wait for about 65mins to charge it fully.

Top 2: 12 Quick Workout Animations

One of the unique features of the HUAWEI Watch Fit is its Quick Workout Animations aside from its 96 workout modes. It’s like having your own personal trainer. I find this to be a practical and useful feature for people who are currently working from home since we spend majority of our time sitting down. This feature at least enables us to quickly do some simple exercises so we can stretch and loosen up a bit. There’s even a quick workout for the neck and shoulders while seated. Thank you HUAWEI for creating this!

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 22

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 23

Top 3: 1.64-inch AMOLED screen

I adore the screen so much! It has HD resolution (280 x 456), 16.7 mega colours and 2.5D curved glass screen. Aside from this lovely rectangular screen, HUAWEI also created more watch themes and faces so users can personalize their watch face depending on their mood and occasion. Watch faces can be changed in the HUAWEI Health App.

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 16

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 07

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 08

Top 4: 96 workout modes

If you work out regularly, then you can definitely enjoy its 96 workout modes including 11 professional sport modes like swimming, running and cycling. There are also 85 custom workout modes to assist you whether you’re into yoga or high-intensity interval training. Aside from keeping track of your workout, it also keeps track of your heart rate, calories burned and duration of the training.

HUAWEI Watch Fit Mae Ilagan 2020 24

Top 5: Sp02 detection

Users can get to know their blood oxygen saturation level with a simple touch with the HUAWEI Watch Fit. I think this is a nice extra feature to have since having low levels of oxygen in our blood can result to health problems.


Top 6: Built-in GPS

Users who do a lot of outdoor workouts like running, swimming and cycling can accurately track their GPS location with the HUAWEI Watch Fit. The built-in GPS design considers the direction of the antenna receiving signals when walking, running and raising the arm to ensure users can obtain a good GPS signal during workout.


These are just 6 of the top features of the HUAWEI Watch Fit. Believe me, it has a whole lot more useful features like improved sleep monitor, heart monitor, stress monitor, menstrual cycle calendar, find your phone and many more. I’ll reserve those on my next article hehe


The HUAWEI Watch Fit makes an excellent gift for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season. With all its useful features and trendy design, I honestly expected its price to be at least 10k but no, HUAWEI made it affordable for everyone to enjoy. Again the HUAWEI Watch Fit is priced at only P4,999! Click HERE to BUY NOW!


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