How To Write a Great Press Release, According to the PR Pros

When it comes to writing eye-catching press releases, it’s not always about what you say. It’s how you say it that really counts. You could be promoting your new restaurant or spreading the word about your advocacy, but it does help to plan how to introduce your product or service that it doesn’t seem too “in your face” or too boring for the reader.

How to Survive as a Writer: 5 Top Tips from Writer's Block Philippines

Alan German, President of Agents International Public Relations, spoke at Writer’s Block Philippines’ “Engaging the Press: A Crash Course on Public Relations”, a course on the basics of public relations, and gave participants tips on writing an effective press release. Whether you’re getting into freelance copywriting or starting your own small business enterprise, these tips will help you craft a good story for your brand and bring it closer to your customers.

How to Survive as a Writer: 5 Top Tips from Writer's Block Philippines

1. Think of a snazzy title.

Don’t just go with the obvious. Be as witty and as creative as you can be. A good title provides a glimpse of the story — interesting enough to pique your reader’s curiosity and ask “What’s next?”, but doesn’t give away too much lest your reader skips over the rest of your press release.

2. Make your intro count.

You’ll want to reel your reader in slowly, and that means starting with an intro that’s relevant to the reader, even if it’s not yet directly related to the product. It helps to identify why this particular product or service could be helpful to the reader: if you’re trying to get them signed up for a gym membership, you could talk about the ballooning rates of health problems at a certain age to spring them to action, or speak to their hearts about how a healthy lifestyle could help them live life to the fullest.

3. Turn at the right moment.

After reeling your reader in, it’s time to turn them to the product, but they key word here is subtlety. The transition has to be smooth — turn them too quickly and they’ll put the paper down faster than you can say “hard sell”. Turn them too slowly, however, and you risk losing them.

4.  Call to action

Of course, after providing all the helpful information, you’ll want to direct them towards a specific goal: should they call a certain hotline for more information? Visit a store to check out the products? Follow you on social media for updates? Tie the story together by directing them towards a specific action.


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