How to Travel Safely in the New Normal

With borders and restrictions slowly easing up, it’s important that we still stay safe and practice safety protocols when traveling. 2021 is dubbed as the year of “revenge travel”, many of us are planning to go on that much-needed trip to unwind and relax. Staying at home is still the safest but if you really need to travel, here are some tips!

Get Tested

In order to travel safely, it is important that you get tested. RT-PCR tests are now easy to find and are more affordable than they used to. Knowing if you are positive or negative for COVID-19 is important to keep you safe and others safe.

Red Cross recently launched a video to show why it’s important to get tested and to show everyone the process of how it’s done.

Most borders and checkpoints require a negative result from an RT-PCR or Antigen test that should not be older than 72hours. Different provinces have different requirements so make sure you are prepared to have the necessary tests and/or documents.

Anti-Virus Kit

If you are out and about, it is important that you are prepared. An Anti-Virus kit contains face masks, face shields, alcohol, wipes, vitamin-c, paracetamol, and gloves. These are your tools to make sure you stay healthy during your trip.



Travel in a Private Vehicle

Though there is public transportation available, the safest way is to travel in a private vehicle. This will ensure that you don’t have strangers near you, you can properly practice social distancing and you can control your surroundings.

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We have traveled to nearby provinces with the help of Thrifty, a car rental service that offers reasonable rates and promos. Their rental services range from motorcycles, mid-sized SUVs, SUVs, Pickup trucks, and vans. What we loved most about them is how they practice a 12-step sanitation protocol to make sure their vehicles are clean and safe for you to drive.

Thrifty is a subsidiary of Hertz Philippines so it’s sure that you get quality services that makes your roadtrips easy and safe.

Thrifty offers 10% OFF all car rentals if you rent during the weekday (Monday-Thursday), just use the code: WEEKDAY10 and 15% OFF Vans and Pickup Trucks to non-profit organizations and advocacies, just use the code: ULYSSES

Research on where to Travel

Though tourism has been hit badly by the pandemic, you can still get your dose of #TravelGoals by going to nearby provinces that don’t have much crowd. It is still important that you practice social distancing wherever you go, so a private vacation house or resort is a better option for you.

There are many options for home rentals, just make sure the one you choose is practicing proper cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection to make your stay safe.

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These are just some tips we have after traveling to a nearby province after 8months! How about you? What are your tips for safe travels? Share it with us in the comments section below!