How to Survive Your First Tattoo Session: A First Timer’s Perspective

Most people think that getting a tattoo is a painful experience. Well, just thinking about the constant buzzing of the machine as the needles poke your skin about a hundred times per second is enough to make you cringe and back-out even at the last minute.

Don’t worry though, here are 5 steps to help you survive your first tattoo session.

5. Find a design

This might be the first step, but it actually is one of the hardest. Out of the hundreds of possibilities out there, settling for one and knowing that it will be permanently etched on your skin is just too much to process.

Make sure that you pick a design not just because of its aesthetic appeal, rather find a story then base your design from there. It’ll make more sense since trends pass but stories last.

Tattoo 1

4. Look for a tattoo artist

The next step is to look for an artist. Pick someone who specializes in the design you chose. It is also important that you connect with your artist so that he’ll know how to personalize your tattoo. Haven’t decided on what to put yet? No worries, you can also collaborate with the artist so that you can come up with your own unique tattoo design.

Cheers to Charles Arteta of Arte Tattoo PH for taking care of us!

3. Remember that it is not pain but fear

When you are thinking about the needles, what you actually feel is the fear of getting hurt. Plus, it depends on your pain tolerance. My artist said that women have a higher pain tolerance so high five, ladies!

Take it from us, it’s less painful than what you thought it would be. If you get through the first minute, you’ll be okay from there.

Tattoo 2

2. Prepare your body

Aside from preparing your mind by owning your design and standing up to the fear, you must also prepare your body. Make sure that you eat a full meal before the session because you’ll need the strength.

In addition, you also need a full night’s rest. Remember to stay away from alcohol, at least for the night before the sesh, too. 

1. Make sure that you really want it

Having a tattoo is a serious decision. Contrary to the popular drunk tattoo session stories, one must really make sure that he/she has enough reason to step into that buzzing studio. Besides, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a permanent tattoo that you’ll regret for the rest of your life, would you?

Not to mention, rumors are – getting a tattoo removal is much more painful than getting one. 

Tattoo 3

That’s all. Good luck on your first tattoo sesh, guys!

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