Here Are Some Tips on How To Sleep Better

It has been a year since the pandemic disrupted the status quo as we know it. From the onset, people have felt all kinds of anxiety and stress caused by bereavement, isolation, loss of livelihood, and fear of contracting the virus ― which have resulted in sleepless nights and restless days. This makes the problem worse because it is not the time to skimp on sleep.

Studies have shown that even on a regular day, people who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to sickness and are more likely to take too long to recover. Lack of sleep only puts our immunity further at risk in a pandemic. Now more than ever, it is important to keep our physical and mental wellbeing healthy – starting with good sleep.

As we celebrate World Sleep Day today, relaxation beverage Good Night Drink PH calls on Filipinos to develop healthy sleep routines for stronger immunity against diseases with its campaign “Wellness Starts with Well Rest”.

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In line with World Sleep Society’s WSD theme “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”, Good Night Drink PH champions the benefits of complete sleep and rest that are often taken for granted. Getting enough sleep is easier said than done, especially in uncertain times like these. For difficult nights, what should you do?

Commit to a Healthy Bedtime Routine

People have discovered a number of ways to help induce sleep. Scented candles and essential oils have become popular in the past year, with their relaxing effect and pleasant fragrance. If you want to get sent straight into dreamland, go for lavender or eucalyptus scents.

There was also a spike in listeners of meditative and sleep audio content on Spotify, like the ASMR podcast Sleeping Pill with Inka and sleep meditation podcast Audio Wellness Services. If you want some soothing melodies and relaxing piano ambient to help you unwind, listen to the Sounds Like A Good Night Sleep Music playlist on Spotify.

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While some may go for liquor and sleep medications to help them get their much-needed zzz’s, a healthy and risk-free alternative is the Good Night Drink. It is a premium carbonated beverage that is 100% non-alcoholic and all-natural, free from preservatives and artificial flavor or colors, and is uniquely formulated to help users relax and for most, to get deeper sleep.

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Its active ingredients are lemon balm (Melissaofficinalis)― a calming herb used to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote sleep― and hops (Humuluslupulus), a well-known bittering agent in the brewing industry and has long been used in traditional medicine mainly to promote sleep. Aside from these, it also contains other natural herb extracts and Alpine water. Just pop a can 30 minutes before sleep, and feel your body relax
while your mind is put at ease.

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