These Pretty Candles Can Help Calm Your Mind During Trying Times

In trying times like what we are facing now, we need all the help we can get to calm our minds and make ourselves feel better. I have come to find that filling my room with calming scents has done wonders for my mental health and wellbeing. Plus, it helps put me in the mood to meditate, do yoga, and even sleep (just make sure to blow out your candles before actually sleeping to avoid unwanted disasters, though!).

Here is a compilation of the best online stores that offer pretty candles with calming scents that are sure to make both your mind and heart happy.

13 Online Stores That Sell Pretty Candles to Help Calm Your Mind During Trying Times

13. Meraki (@meraki_storeph)

Meraki creates candles with natural dried and preserved flowers, all of which are handmade and made from high quality ingredients with a very calm flame. They chose their first three scents – Lavender, Vanilla, and Sweet Berry – because they represent calm, peace, and happiness. Now, they have nine scented candles with distinct aromas that make for unique gifts for anyone who appreciates beauty and aesthetics.

Meraki also offers special arrangements of dried flowers, as well as other handmade and personalized items with the added touch of their personally curated flowers. Everything is handmade with love, so make sure to buy some of their creations.

12. litessentials_mnl (@litessentials_mnl)

Lit Essentials Candles

Photo from litessentials_mnl

Judith Ruth Borela and Frederic Sambrano have always looked for locally sourced scented candles as a way to de-stress from school. However they were quite hard to find – and quite expensive, too! So, last February 2020, they decided to make DIY candles.

In June, they launched their scented candles that are not mass produced and are not harmful to the environment. Their candles all have catchy names to match their scents to fit the times, to encourage people to be proud of who they are, and to spread positivity during these difficult times. Millennials are sure to love them!

11. Le Sommeil (

Le Sommeil Bonne Nuit Candles

Photo from Le Sommeil

Le Sommeil PH is a startup business for your basic sleep necessities. It started with a random idea one late night when they all had trouble sleeping: there are so many stores that sell silk sleepwear, tea, candles, sleep sticks, etc. Why not be a go-to store where everything you need for a good night’s sleep is readily available? The team came up with the idea of within two weeks and launched their store within a month starting with silk sleepwear and scented soy wax candles.

Their candles have one main goal: to help us feel relaxed. Sommeil Profond (Deep Sleep) has a refreshing and relaxing lavender eucalyptus scent, while Bonne Nuit (Good Night) has a subtle, sweet, and relaxing lavender vanilla scent. All of their candles are handmade with organic soy wax and essential oils, so they are all natural, burn longer, and are non-toxic.

10. Kandela Ph (

Kandela Candles

Photo from Kandela Ph

The idea of Kandela Ph dates back to 2018 when April, who was fresh out of a 9-year career in the corporate world, entered a new stage in her life with their family business and as a mom. While thinking of other ways to earn money while at home, she turned to her love for scented candles with Paul using his background in multimedia arts and photography to help with their new business venture. After reviews from family and friends alongside some product modification and improvement; Kandela Ph launched their Classic Black Collection.

Kandela Ph’s candles are carefully handcrafted in aesthetic black glass containers. Their scented candles give off strong cold and hot throws perfect for setting a nice ambiance in a 30sqm enclosed space. Make sure to follow them on social media to get first dibs on their upcoming collections!

9. Fifty Scents PH (@fiftyscentsph)

Fifty Scents PH Candles

Photo from Fifty Scents PH

Fifty Scents PH offers wooden wick soy candles created and managed by two fresh graduates with a love for scented candles. Although each of them had their own candle collections at home, they always felt like something was missing. This passion project started with the hopes of filling that void. Their candles will bring back memories, help you study, and keep you calm and relaxed as needed.

Their candles are called ‘Breathe’, ‘Focus’, and ‘Unwind’ with a lot of research and experimentation going into each one of them to ensure that their scents match their names. What Fifty Scents PH really wants is to advocate the need and importance of self-care. They know how important a healthy mind and body is; and they hope that lighting their candles will remind you to check on yourself. Thanks to their wooden wick, their candles will also burn slower and prove to be a more sustainable choice compared to cotton wicks.

8. Serendipity Studio (@_serendipitystudio)

Serendipity Candles

Photo from Serendipity Studio

Serendipity Studio started as an answer to a personal need. Although the owners love scented candles, they couldn’t seem to find a brand that offers affordable scented soy candles and wood wicks that could be lit most of the day everyday. Their vision is to focus on function, so we can enjoy scented soy candles as an everyday luxury. Their scents will remind you of certain memories and bring up different moods, thus their names (e.g. Christmas Morning).

Serendipity Studio uses a no-fuss approach in making their candles, focusing on simple, natural, non-toxic, and high quality materials that will provide an affordable experience of luxury. They offer customizations, too; and you can even send them your own containers for them to fill up with your scent of choice. They also accommodate bulk orders.

7. Natu Handcraft Studio (

Natu Candles

Photo from Natu Handcraft Studio

Natu Handcraft Studio’s tagline is “made with love for you and the environment”. They make personal care products that are natural, ethical, gentle on sensitive skin, and not packaged in plastic. Aside from candles, they also offer handmade soaps, shampoo bars, body oils, and essential oil roller blends. Natu started when the two-sister team attended a soap-making workshop with their mom and decided to customize products based on certain needs. Since one of them has slight asthma, they looked into beeswax candles that can release negative ions into the air to improve air quality.

Natu’s latest candle collection, the Crystal Series: Affirmation Soy Candles, was created to practice positive affirmations and uplift people’s spirits. Their new soy candles have crystals, herbs, and flowers to harness nature’s energy and complement a meditation ritual. They also have air-purifying beeswax candles to cleanse and purify the air with cozy and soothing fruity, floral, and woody aromas.

That aside, Natu takes extra care in sustainable sourcing and packaging using clean reused packaging materials, as well as innovative green packaging to lessen their production of solid waste. They source their beeswax from a bee farm in Batangas, and their candle aroma from a local neighborhood supplier. In fact, around 95% of their raw materials are sourced locally to help other Filipino entrepreneurs.

Part of their sales also go to causes like Ayuda Pang Eskwela, a charitable community that helps disadvantaged kids do distance learning amidst the pandemic. They have also donated soaps to Taal volcano eruption victims, COVID-19 medical frontliners, and displaced jeepney drivers.

6. Daily Hues (@dailyhues)

Daily Hues Candle

Photo from Daily Hues

Daily Hues is owned by Bianca Tumibay and Nicole Lopena who initially started their entrepreneurship distributing wine and liquor, but eventually decided to dabble in something they are both passionate about: scented candles. Coincidentally, Nicole’s brother-in-law had just graduated from studying perfumery at Grasse Institute of Perfumery, making him the first accredited Filipino perfumer. They collaborated with him in creating the unique scents that Daily Hues has now. Daily Hues got its name from the fact that they want their products to be used daily. The word ‘hues’ adds color and excitement similar to how the matches add a contrast to their classic marble container.

Daily Hues’ scents really stand out. They aren’t just pleasing to the nose; they are a whole experience altogether with each scent transporting you to places you wish you could be in. They meticulously thought of how to make the whole process of lighting the candle an experience, as well. They include a match with an illustration that reveals a story every time you peel one off, so you can be brought to a certain place or memory every time you light the candle.

Daily Hues’ candles have high scent concentrations and only use the finest fragrance oils. The marble containers also make for beautiful decorative pieces in any home or office. You can even repurpose them once the candle has been used up. They also use wooden wicks that are more sustainable (their crackling sound also adds to the whole experience!).

5. Lumiere’s by Lysa (@lumieres.lysa)

Lumiere by Lysa Candles

Photo by Lumiere’s by Lysa

19-year-old Lysa Mijares has always been known as the Tita of the group, preferring to spend her time watching TV shows or dancing to old songs. One thing that has always been present in her life is her scented candles. To her, scented candles calm her down and make her feel lighter. Unfortunately, scented candles can be quite expensive for a teenager, so she got the idea to sell some herself.

All of Lysa’s candles are named after the women she looks up to: her mother and grandmothers. Lumiere’s first two scents were Victoria (peppermint), a house scent that a lot of people are already familiar with, and Cristina (fresh bamboo), a sweet scent that gives off summer vibes. They have recently added two premium scents, as well: Maria (vanilla), which is perfect for the Christmas season, and Felicidad (rose oud), which is reminiscent to holiday decorations. Lysa is also planning to add more familiar scents soon, like lavender and citronella.

Lumiere’s candles are 100% hand-poured, vegan-friendly, and soy-based, which are safer than paraffin wax. They are housed in gorgeous ceramic pots and topped with dried flowers, and delivered in elegant silk pouches to boot. Both the pots and pouches are reusable after the candles have been used. They smell heavenly, too. You’ll feel like you’re in a spa or a hotel even if you are just in the comforts of your own home. The candles are also open for bulk orders in case you want to give them out as gifts or giveaways this holiday season.

4. Marikit MNL Candle Co. (@marikitmnlcandleco)

Marikit Candles

Photo from Marikit MNL Candle Co.

The small team behind Marikit consists of candle enthusiasts who make candles as a hobby. Candle-making has been their outlet to be productive than despair during these trying times. “It has helped us survive and kept our mental health in check,” they share. “We choose to make candles to bring light and hope amidst the pandemic. We hope to send light and hope too to everyone out there who is experiencing loss, grief, disbelief, confusion, and uncertainty.”

Marikit’s pioneer collection of candles is Filipino-women inspired from real life women to Philippine folklore, Filipina pop culture, and Filipina-named dieties of mountains. Each scent has a story to tell and an experience to be felt. That aside, each candle is 100% natural soy wax-based, eco-friendly, thoughtfully sourced, and hand poured into each reusable/recyclable tin. They undergo 1-2 weeks of candle curing (wax and scent binding) and tweezers are used to carefully add dried flowers onto each candle. Each purchase also comes with a plantable care card. that comes along with each purchase.

3. Scentsmith Perfumery (@scentsmithperfumery)

Scentsmith Candles

Photo from Scentsmith Perfumery

Scentsmith is a perfumery store founded in 2018 right here in Manila, which formulates fragrance, body, hair, and home care products from natural ingredients. Scentsmith takes inspiration from the craftsmanship that comes into smithing. “When something is called the work of a smith, it is understood that it was created by an artisan,” they explain. This is the same message that Scentsmith carries—every Scentsmith product is formulated with art and passion.

Scentsmith’s candles are 100% made of soy wax and are safe for babies. They each have a rich scent and pretty glass design that gives every room a wonderful ambiance.

2. BaO Artisan Candles (@baoartisancandles)

BaO Candles

Photo from BaO Artisan Candles

Nina Filipina is the candle maker behind BaO Artisan Candles. A graduate of Fine Arts, Industrial Design from UST, Nina has always loved creating products that are not only beautiful, but work well! While cleaning her house, she unearthed a couple of scented candles and realized their transformative effects. “No matter what kind of house you have or where you are physically or mentally, there really are some scents that take you to a happy, peaceful place,” she shares. “That’s when I started researching on candle-making, different types of wax, wicks, scents, and vessels.”

After her research, Nina decided that she had to rely on what she knew she loved and what people could relate to and could attach their own good memories to. This led her to launch three scents: Yoga (Bamboo Peppermint Green Tea) – to encourage deep inhales and exhales, Focus (Citrus Vanilla) – to clear the atmosphere and help you focus, and Rest Easy – to repel anxious thoughts (and mosquitoes!)

BaO Artisan Candles is proudly made by the Philippines. The beeswax is made by our bees, the coconuts are from our coconut trees, the packaging is made by our local bayong weavers, and putting them all together is the work of a Filipina. More than anything, Nina wants her products to remind everyone of the good in our country, in ourselves, and that no matter how dark it gets, a little flame can always help us through the darkness.

1. Candle and Crib (@candleandcribph)

Candle and Crib Candles

Photo from Candle and Crib

Before becoming a businessman, Ryan Honoras used to work as an international flight attendant. Being exposed to different cultures and practices gave him the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and apply it to his chosen line of business. “I am mostly influenced by how Europeans enjoy candles in their everyday living,” Ryan shares. “More than the scent that fill their homes, they appreciate the calmness and relaxation that aromatic candles provide.”

Candles can definitely provide a lot to a space. They can set the tone and ambiance of an energy you want to create in any area of your home. Since most people now stay at home and miss their favorite coffee shops, Candle and Crib’s first candle series, the Cafe series, is dedicated to coffee and tea lovers, integrating beverage favorites that can mimic the feeling of lounging in your favorite café but from the comfort and safety of your home.

Candle and Crib’s candles are produced using locally sourced soy plant-based waxes and scented with sustainable essential oils. They are hand poured in small batches with love by native artisans for balanced scent distribution and efficacy. Their unusual mixes create a magical scent when combined. Aside from the aroma, they aim to create tranquil moments to get you ready for any task ahead. Since Candle and Crib also cares about the environment, they also offer sustainably sourced wooden wick variants for all of their scents.

What’s your favorite candle scent? 🙂

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