Gym with Free Massage: How to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast with FitFast Wellness Center

Gym with Free Massage: How to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast with FitFast Wellness Center!


When in Manila and looking for a one-stop shop for boxing training and strengthening, nutritional counseling, massage and inch-loss treatments, FitFast Wellness Center would be your best bet! It has everything you’re looking for in a boxing gym!

FitFast Wellness Center is tucked behind Tile Depot, in-between Don Bosco and Universal Motors. This spacious 900 sq. m. fitness center offers complete and effective programs and treatments that will help you out if you want to learn how to lose weight and get fit fast!



Learn How to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast at FitFast Wellness Center!


FitFast Wellness Center emphasises on fitness, nutrition, behaviour modification, and passive exercises as the pillars of their program. The composition of their workout plans depend on the targets or goals of each enrollee/client, whether it’s wanting to learn how to lose weight, tone or gain, among others. Plus, to ensure that the client is on track, each workout plan has a time component, where each fitness target is calendared.


Their fitness program includes boxing combined with plyometric and circuit training. As a result of this multi-station approach, the whole workout can burn 50% more calories than your typical exercise program. The combination of boxing and strengthening provides individuals with a complete and very effective fat-burning and strength-gaining workout, as well. 

How to Lose Weight

Unlike your typical gym where you normally just lift weights and/or do your cardio workout for each gym session, FitFast Wellness Center makes you go through different stations, with each station focusing on a different skill to complete a workout. The workout routine starts with your choice between a six-minute jog and a six-minute jump rope warm up.

At the center of the gym is an interval training timer that makes a buzz signaling the end of three minutes so no need to worry about keeping track of your time. After your cardio warm up, the instructor will then teach you some stretching exercises to prepare you for the intensive workout in store for you.

Your next stop will be the footwork station. Since good boxing requires quality footwork, you will have to go through some drills with the quick feet agility ladders. 

The next station focuses on strengthening with TRX, together with functional training and weights. Fun fact: rexistence workouts and weight-lifting can help burn fat much more rapidly.


These stations should be enough to get you pumped up for your workout’s main event: BOXING! Your coach will help you put on your hand wraps and teach you the typical boxer’s stance. He will then give you combinations of punches to practice. Once you’ve become familiar with the jab and the straight, you can then get your boxing gloves on and throw some punches onto some large and heavy punching bags.


The punching bags should be able to prepare you for your one-on-one boxing mitts session with your coach. Training with boxing mitts helps you develop the proper stance, punching, footwork, and improve eye-hand coordination. You get all of these along with the calorie burn from your general workout!


With boxing alone, you can burn 750 up to 1000 calories! So, whether your goal is to lose weight or tone, you can surely achieve your fitness goal s here.

The whole program typically lasts for an hour and thirty minutes. It may be shorter or longer depending on how fast you can finish everything, though. The program is not the same for everyone since your pace depends on your target (i.e. weight loss, toning, etc.) and the progress in your customized program. 

If you feel like you need a break from all of the Plyometric and Circuit training, FitFast Wellness Center also has a gym installed with top-of-the-line gym equipment and a great weights section. 


More than body strengthening, FitFast prides itself with focusing on the wellness of its clients. Other than its intensive program and its well-equipped gym, FitFast Wellness Center provides its clients with services in lifestyle modification and nutritional counseling.

FitFast Wellness Center recognizes that while physical activity is a vital part of weight control, so is controlling the number of calories you eat. This is why members undergo lifestyle and nutritional counseling coupled with a workout diet plan to help them reach their fitness goals.


Ever heard of a gym that gives you free massage sessions? FitFast Wellness does! With a line of highly trained physical therapists and nutritionists, this wellness center would help you improve your health state through recovery massages, Shapefast Cellutrim, and Trimfast G5. Passive treatments such as G5 and Cellutrim are complementary products to help members lose inches in specific areas or whole body.

FitFast’s passive exercise programs are special type massages that use mechanical and light electrical current that goes much deeper than a regular therapist can. They are excellent for toning, increasing circulation and to aid in breakdown of fatty deposits and cellulite. This program is particularly good for the back, shoulders, thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.


For all of this, you might think that enrollment would leave your wallets empty. Don’t worry, though, because FitFast Wellness Studio has a Summer Promo where you can enroll in their program at 50% off! The complete package includes 16 visits of boxing and strengthening, 14 visits of nutritional counseling (behavior modification session), 3 sessions with G5, 3 sessions with Cellutrim and 3 sessions of massage for 2 months at only P5,000!!!

So, when in Manila and wanting a one-one-session with a fitness instructor for a minimal amount of money, get fit fast at FitFast Wellness Center!



FitFast Wellness Center


UPRC 1 Bldg., 2230 Pasong Tamo Avenue (behind Tile Depot), 1231 Makati

(02) 556-4075

Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 10:00 pm; Saturday 6:00am- 7:00 pm.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitfast.wellnesscenter

Website: https://fitfast.ph/

Email: athletics@fitfastph.com



Gym with Free Massage: How to Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast with FitFast Wellness Center!