How to Live Healthy and Sexier with the help of Zunic!

Mae and I tried different treatments from Zunic. Mae was asked to try Contourage, while I was going to try AccuTone. Another good thing about Zunic is that they only get the top of the line equipments, which some of it are only used in the aesthetic clinic. When you enter the treatment room, you won’t even feel that you’re inside one because it looks like you’re just entering a spa for a regular massage.

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (5 of 29)

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (9 of 29)

Contourage is the international Gold Standard for body sculpting. It dramatically reduces cellulite abd re-shapes your body without traumatic surgery that delivers results you can see, feel, and measure in as little as 45 minutes. Mae’s body statistics were measured first before getting the said treatment. True enough she lost almost 2 inches  after just 1 session, she also noted that she felt that she got lighter after having Contourage

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While I was experiencing the way astronauts exercise, which is by the wya of using AccuTone. The machine will help develop superior muscle tone and definition without the sweat, stress and anxiety that accompanies regular workouts. They placed pads on my tummy area and they really targets the muscles underneath. It has a slight tingling sensation on the area that you’re working on, but it’s bearable.

zunic wheninmanila nikko panti

 And since both of us have very low Metabolism age, Zunic let us try mtb3000 or Metabolique which will help in increasing one’s metabolism by converting stored fat into energy that our body can use. All it takes is 30 to 45 minutes, with no exertion or anxiety involved. We just simply laid down — I even read an ebook from my smartphone — the treatment table, and let modern science do the rest.

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zunic wheninmanila nikko panti 1After the treatment we felt livelier and more energetic, it’s like we’re on a rush to do something! It’s a new treatment only available at Zunic! 

 Mae and I also would like to share something that we learned from Zunic, drinking alkaline water! You don’t need to buy bottles and bottles of alkaline water from the convenience store. Just get one glass of regular drinking water and put a slice of lemon — but don’t squeeze the lemon!

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What are you waiting for? Visit Zunic today for your personalized consultation! They will assess your sustainability for treatment, and prepare an individualized recommendation for you. Zunic centers are open from 9AM to 6PM, Monday to Sunday.

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (29 of 29)The beautiful and sexy staff of Zunic Makati will help you achieve your healthy and fitness goal!




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How to Live Healthy and Sexier with the help of Zunic!


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