How to Live Healthy and Sexier with the help of Zunic!

When In Manila and you want to live a healthier and sexier you, the right place to go to is Zunic!

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (24 of 29)

After the festive eating that we all did during the Holidays — not to mention the lack of exercise — we need to get back into shape! The New Year also witnessed that ‘old’ resolution of losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t you get tired of just making promises? Well Zunic will deliver the results that you wanted!

Mae and I headed to Zunic‘s Makati branch to try out their services. The great thing about their clinic is that you will never get lost because it’s just in front of Greenbelt 1 — oh, and it has a private entrance if you don’t wanna be seen going inside the aesthetic clinic.

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (23 of 29)They also have great interiors, you won’t even notice that it’s an aesthetic clinic.

Before going into the treatment rooms, we were brought into one of their consultation rooms and explained to us what is Zunic. First, they only offer services that are non-invasive — meaning it’s very safe! Second, they’ve set the standard for fast, effective, non-invasive slimming—without pills, injections, exercise, or painful surgery. Lastly, treatments varies to what your body needs — so you won’t get services that you don’t really need!

“Zunic has been giving great results to it’s clients for 7 years now in the Philippines!” says Ms. Al Arriola, who is a walking proof of the results from getting treatments at Zunic where she lost 36 pounds in just 3 months. It’s also amazing that she doesn’t look her age, because of what she learned from Zunic.


Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (4 of 29)Consultation is one of the key to achieve your healthy lifestyle goal! Zunic offers FREE CONSULTATION at their clinics in the metro.

On the consultation process they will tell you what services from Zunic that you will need to avail and also the things that you need to outside of Zunic. They will teach you how to eat and live healthy, their mantra is you need to help yourself also. Based from an experience from another aesthetic clinic, they’ve only done the treatment and that’s it.

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (2 of 29)First thing that they will do is the dreaded weighing. Ms. Cynthia was very kind enough to do this for me.

Zunic When in Manila Nikko Panti (3 of 29)She also explained the percentages of my body fats and whatnots! Plus my metabolism age, which is not that good.