7 Tips to Keep Your Active Dogs Safe on Their Adventures

With summer ahead and easier travel, it’s the perfect time to have a pawsome break with your furbabies. Whether it’s just a stroll in the park, an afternoon in a mall’s Paw Park, spending a weekend getaway like swimming at the beach, or a day hike with your dog, Pet Express has outdoor essentials that will keep your adventures safe and worry-free.

Dog in Water

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Pet Express, the one-stop shop for all your pet’s essentials, has a wide variety of outdoor accessories like collapsible pool and feeding bowls; tug toys and treat dispensing toys; pet wagons, and strollers, that will keep your dog active and safe this summer. Here are some practical tips to keep your active dog safe on your next adventure:

1. Create a checklist of your dog’s needs. Pack a lot of dog treats and meals that can be easily fed to your dog, and bring plenty of water and a cool mat to beat the heat.

2. Have your dog checked with your vet before going on an outdoor adventure. Make sure that your dog’s flea and tick treatment and vaccinations are up-to-date too.

3. Try not to feed your dog for an hour or two before you travel, this can help prevent motion sickness during your ride.

4. While on the road, have a bucket car seat for your dog to keep them in place while moving.

Pet Express Bucket Car Seat

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5. Start slow on your hike and always keep your dogs on a leash while walking on your trail.

6. Make sure your dogs are always placed in a fully shaded and cool area after a long walk and keep them hydrated. Always bring cooling collars, vests, and mats that are very useful during hot summer days.

7. Watch out for signs of heatstroke brought about by extreme temperatures – heavy panting, difficulty breathing, glazed eyes, dizziness, profuse salivation, vomiting, and a deep red or purple tongue.

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