How to Get Your Content from Home in Manila or Abroad

There are plenty of things you miss when you’re away. Of course, there’s friends and family; but then there are home comforts including your favourite TV shows.

Geoblocking is a big problem for accessing your usual content; and for those stormy Manila nights, it can cause a whole heap of boredom in your hotel room.

Sites that are based in the USA, for example, may block you from accessing content; while sites such as Netflix will give you the content only available for the country you are in.

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However, there are ways around it… and it’s not that difficult.

What is Geo Blocking? 

Geoblocking is basically a practice that will give you access to or block you from content based on your location.

You’ll generally get a pop up message if you’re unable to access because of geo blocking and it will be most frequent on video content on sites such as YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services.

How geoblocking knows where you are is all to do with your IP address, which reflect your location geographically.

Why Do Sites Geoblock?

This is generally done due to licensing issues. For example, a TV network may only give the license for a certain TV show. So, say you’re in the Philippines and you want to watch a drama that is only licensed for the USA, you’d receive a message blocking you from accessing the content. That’s because legally the service doesn’t allow for people to watch the show in the Philippines.

Additionally, companies such as Apple will charge different prices for products dependent on location, so will essentially use your IP address to dictate how much you will pay.

How to Get Around a Geoblocker

There are multiple ways of getting around a geoblocker and people across the world in an attempt to access all content.

Proxy servers are great for getting round geoblockers. A proxy essentially acts as a completely different IP address and you can find different proxies to suit the location you’re in.

Another method is using a VPN to get around any geo blocking. You’ll find plenty of these via review sites highlighting the very best. They are well worth looking into as a VPN will essentially make you invisible to networks, allowing you to completely bypass geoblockers and have access to all content.

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They’re incredibly useful when abroad and will help you get past virtually all streaming services and give you open access to everything. You subscribe to the likes of Netflix, so it’s only fair you get your money’s worth, right?!