How to Find the Right Bloggers or Online Influencers for Your Campaign

How to Find the Right Bloggers or Online Influencers for Your Campaign 

More and more, is being asked about how to find the right bloggers for different campaigns, event promotions, media partnerships and product advertisements. This is happening now as the big and small businesses are slowly discovering the power of blogging, online marketing and social media! So here’s our quick guide on how you can find a blogger or online marketing specialist, best fitted for your needs. 

There are new bloggers popping up everyday and it seems that there are always cool new sites to check out every time you go online. So when picking just a few bloggers to invite to your event, it can be a bit daunting having to select only a few bloggers out of the thousands out there. Now, how do you pick the right ones? Is it all about their numbers and the hits they get? Let us explain:


WhenInManila 1 one million Unique Views google analytics

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It’s actually NOT all about the numbers. Although this is definitely a big plus and very important, there are times when niche blogs with smaller numbers can also be very important for your campaign.

Reasoning behind this is let’s say that “BIG NUMBERS BLOG” has 10,000 readers per month. This is great ,but for this example, let’s say you have a running shoe brand, and “BIG NUMBERS BLOG’s” 10,000 readers per month are a mix of everyone. Now, with their broad range of readers, only 1,000 of them actually run,  so the other 9,000 readers per month might help a bit as they may share your article or see it for branding and all, but it’s actually not as effective as inviting a “SMALL NICHE BLOG” who has 2,000 readers per month, but these readers are hardcore runners because this blog is actually about running and fitness equipment. 

From that example, you’ll see why numbers are not always the ultimate gauge. 

Of course, when dealing with the really big blogs that get millions of readers per month, it does quantify to having much more readers in there who would probably fit in with your campaign. But of course, the blogs and bloggers who reach these 7-figure readership numbers are few and far in between, thus, they probably get lots of invites and have very limited time to attend to all of these. 

But as far as numbers, again, they are still important. So best to ask bloggers for their readership counts and some screenshots of this. Most, if not all, professional bloggers would have no problem showing screenshots of their Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or other tools they might use to gauge their engagement. 

Remember, the only reason someone would be afraid of showing their numbers is most likely because they are not revealing their true stats. I would be weary if they do not provide their numbers. 



Yes, as we said, numbers are important. But we also stated that it’s not always about the numbers. 

Now that you know it’s not all about the numbers, you’re probably wondering: “Then what else should I gauge bloggers on?” Well let me outline a few factors you should consider when picking your bloggers. 

1. Numbers – ask them for their readership or analytics (see above explanations).

2. Niche – find blogs that fit in well with what your brand / product / event is about. If you have a food brand, then it is best to invite food bloggers. If you have a clothing line, then fashion bloggers would be better for you. 

3. Reputation – ask around for recommendations. Bloggers, just like any other industry, will have their own certain reputations.

4. Social media influence – their blog may not get a lot of views, but if they have 100,000 fans on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, and these are real, active followers, then this person may be a social media personality and can help with your campaign as well. 

 5. Personality – I don’t know about you, but for me, I would much rather work with humble and nice people, rather than those who think they are all  around VIPs. We’ve heard our share of horror stories on this, so best to check on their reputation and personality before choosing to work with someone. 

So basically, the numbers and the not-just-numbers are what you need to look at when searching for that social media influencer who can help boost your campaign! 


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How to Find the Right Bloggers or Online Influencers for Your Campaign

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