5 Reasons How Sky Cable Saved My Summer From Being a Bummer

Sky Cable Saved My Summer From Being a Bummer

Did the scorching heat get on your nerves this summer? Some people found refuge from the deadly sun by hitting the beach – from Boracay to Bohol to Batangas – and spending their days getting sunkissed and taking a dip in the marvelous waters of the sea. Despite the abundance of beaches in the Philippines, though, we cannot all head out of town and enjoy the scenery whenever we feel like it. In fact, as much as we might want to have an escapade, we are usually left without a choice but to beat the summer heat in the comforts of our own home most of the time.

With the air-conditioning in full blast as the only salvation from the humid weather, you might think that you’ll get bored to death to just spending hours upon hours in bed. Thank heavens for Sky Cable and their hundred plus channels to offer, though, you’ll never have to complain about home staycations any longer.

I have actually been stuck at home for the past two weeks, but Sky Cable kept me sane. With thousands of shows to choose from everyday, my mind was always entertained and full of information. I could go on and on about why I am in love with Sky Cable right now, but so as not to bore you, I created a list instead:

5 Reasons How Sky Cable Saved My Summer From Being a Bummer

1. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

Sky Cable

We all want something that will make us experience a thrill every single day. Thankfully, Sky Cable has provided me with access to my favorite shows without the hassle of streaming them online every time a new episode airs. For most shows, like Fox’s The Walking Dead, they have simultaneous airtime with the US telecast, so there are minimal chances of hearing or reading spoilers and missing out on all of the heart-thumping action.

For shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, the airtime of which can’t seem to fit into my schedule (it’s either I’m sleeping or I’m out), I usually just have them recorded through DigiBox iRecord and watch them as soon as I get the chance. I’m really not a fan of action programs, but I sometimes just can’t resist watching shows that give me mini heart attacks every time, like Jack City‘s 24 and Lifetime Channel’s Orphan Black. Who can get enough of these shows, anyway?

2. SkyCable brought out the child in me.

Sky Cable

From Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, Sky Cable has successfully made me nostalgic about my younger days. Despite the fact that I am already 22, they made me realize that I will always be a kid at heart, and that no matter how old I get, a good laugh will always be a great remedy from all of my worries. Even my dad gets to tap into his younger self when watching Tom and Jerry reruns on a nightly basis. Don’t we all wish we could go back to our innocent and carefree days?

3. It heightened my senses and creativity.

Sky Cable

One of the things that I love the most about my cable connection is the fact that I get access to cooking shows and reality shows 24/7. Channels like Food Network Asia and Lifestyle Network happen to have a roster of shows that will definitely make you crave for food and adventure. Shows like Iron Chef and Cupcake Wars make me extremely hungry every time, while America’s Next Top Model and Design Stars make me wanna get my creative juices going. Thanks to Sky Cable, I am no longer stuck watching the usual teledramas and noontime shows. Instead, I get to spend time watching quality shows that make my time worthwhile.

4. It educated me on things I never thought I’d learn.

Sky Cable

Just when I thought I had stopped learning after finishing school, Sky Cable made me realize that there are no boundaries when it comes to discovering new things. From the amazing Megafactories of National Geographic, to History Asia‘s Duck Dynasty, I realized that there will always be something that will astonish me, no matter how old I might get. With an abundance of shows and channels to choose from, there will always be something that can keep my mind occupied at any time of the day.

5. It made me cry and laugh a countless amount of times.

Sky Cable

From the never-ending reruns of One More Chance on CinemaOne and the marathon episodes of Friends at WB, Sky Cable made me go through a roller coaster of emotions within the past two weeks. What I love the most about having cable at home, though, is the fact that there will always be something for me, regardless of what mood I might be in. PMS attack? There’s Hannibal to release my wrath while laughing at people getting slaughtered. In need of a good cry? I can wait for the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode and feel all of the feels. Feeling a little nerdy? I can tune in for a good laugh with the gang of Big Bang Theory. With more than hundreds of shows and movies broadcasted everyday, it’s impossible to get bored when you have Sky Cable installed at home.

Summer might be over soon, but Sky Cable will always be there to entertain us for all seasons! What’s more fun than to stay at home during a rainy day while drinking some hot chocolate, right? Besides, if you don’t feel like going outside because of the scorching heat of the sun, then your reliable cable can still cheer you up.

They also have a variety of plans that will suit whatever budget you have.  So, what are you waiting for? Contact them now and get your very own connection soon!


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5 Reasons How Sky Cable Saved My Summer From Being a Bummer


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