How Much We Have Loved UP SHARP’s “The Chocolate Buffet”

When In Manila,  as the University of the Philippines Society for Hotel and Restaurant Progress (UP SHARP) celebrated its 42nd year as an organization, the annual Chocolate Buffet was held at College of Home Economics’  “The Tea Room”  last Feb. 16, 2013, with the theme:


“ChoKonichiwa: To where the sun shines and where the heart blissfully dines”.




As first timer to attend such event, and bearing a frenzied excitement on the battle against the desserts, I decided to bring a buddy whom I’ve known as a certified desserts lover, to see how much he’ll be impressed with the delights to be served  that evening.



Meet Julius, a certified desserts expert and desserts-coholic



  The ChoKonichiwa Ambiance

As we took our first few steps inside the venue, it seemed like we traversed a new dimension. Very colorful mantles and tabletops, striking orange, yellow and red colors dominated  while Japanese songs are played in the background.






Maids welcomed us with smiles, uttering Japanese’ greetings like “Konbanwa” and “Irasshaimase”.



 Meet 2 of the very friendly maids! they seem to be everywhere.



The Appetizer and Main Dish

The maids serving us an appetizer signaled the start of the battle!



Delicious kakiage, popular form of Tempura in Japanese cuisine



Immediately served after the appetizer is the main dish, Chicken Teriyaki!



The Entree: Chicken Teriyaki



Of course I will not forget the drink that became one of my favorites that night.



Fizzy Lemintea: their very own made minted lemon iced tea



The Dancing Maids

Grooving in their orange dresses, the maids gave us an enthralling dance number that sets the Japanese mood of the night.


danceThe dancing maids, in their very cute and entertaining Japanese dance steps



And NOW…

The most awaited mouthwatering lineup of desserts are coming.

Are you ready for the dessert-ful battle?

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