How do you know if you’re just a ‘quaranfling?’

With people stuck at home because of quarantine, many have turned to dating apps to meet new people and potential love interests. The popular dating app Tinder even reported an increase in usage since lockdown measures were implemented. They even let users use the “passport feature” so they can swipe anywhere in the world.

However, it’s a bit confusing to determine one’s real intentions especially when some people just hop on these apps out of boredom. Thus, the term “quaranfling” was born. According to, quaranfling is “an online dating encounter that begins during quarantine, used as a means to fill the dating void, and ends before quarantine is over.”

So how does one know if this person has intentions of dating you after quarantine or not? Here are some ways to know if you’re just a quaranfling or not. (Disclosure: This is loosely based on experience so please take this with a grain of salt.)

7. There’s no effort in actually getting to know you.

One way to know if you’re probably just a quaranfling is if the person puts in the effort to get to know you. If they’re not asking you questions about yourself, they’re probably not that interested. The same goes if they’re always just talking about themselves and never asks you how you’re doing.

6. They only message you at weird times of the day.

This is one telltale sign of how they’re just bored. I mean, most of us are quarantined with our phones, right? If they’re only messaging you at weird times of the day (like after midnight weird), it might mean that you’re just there as an afterthought and not as a priority.

5. They ask you for some weird favors.

Okay, now this is a red flag. If they’re asking you for some weird favors (money, nude photos), and it’s making you very uncomfortable, then it’s best to stay away from this person. It’s not even just a quaranfling thing, it’s an overall precaution. If someone’s making you uncomfortable when they’ve just met you online, then it’s best to stop talking to them altogether.

4. They don’t talk to you for a long time then act as if nothing happened.

Okay, I admit this might be tricky because, in some instances, they really are busy. Yes, even in quarantine some people still have work to do and can’t devote their time to you 24/7. However, if the two of you have constantly been talking for some time and they suddenly disappear, then maybe you should try taking a step back. If they come back after they leave you hanging then act as if nothing happened, maybe you’re just a quaranfling.

3. You’re the only one who initiates the conversation.

Were they ever the ones who hit you up first? If yes, how often? If you’re the one who’s always initiating the conversation, it’s a sign they’re probably not that interested in you. A one-sided effort can mean that your level of interest doesn’t match their level of interest. If they know you’re always going to be there without them reciprocating the effort, then they’ll probably take you for granted.

2. There’s no concrete plan for a date.

Quarantine probably won’t end soon (but if it does, please don’t go out unless it’s necessary). If you keep on telling them you’ll meet after quarantine but they don’t express that much interest, then maybe you’re just a quaranfling. The same can also be said for online dates, especially if you always bring up the idea of going on a Zoom date, but they keep diverting the subject.

1. You feel like you’re just a quaranfling.

It feels funny to read that, but it helps. There’s a saying that goes, “If they like you, you’ll know. If they don’t, you’ll be confused.” If you find yourself constantly asking the question, “Am I just a quaranfling?” because of how they treat you, then you probably are. Granted, not everyone is sure about relationships at first, but as time passes by, someone’s true intentions will eventually show.

How do you know if you’re just a quaranfling?

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