How a Beginner Like Me Survived a High Intensity Workout

Words by Emina Sotto / Photos by Christopher Cancio

Never underestimate a workout. Routines may look and sound easy, but don’t let that fool you! Being a beginner myself, I knew nothing about working out or using any equipment. So, as I entered The Upper Deck fitness gym, I did not know what to expect.

The Upper Deck

Before we began, our instructor gave us each our own mats. (Mats are provided in the gym and are sanitized every two hours!) After finding our own places, we proceeded to stretch with guidance from our instructor. At this point, I was still calm. I thought to myself, “Stretching, right? How hard could that be?”

The Upper Deck

After we stretched, our instructor explained the routine we would be doing that day. (Spoiler alert: It was incredibly challenging, especially for a beginner like me!) It was a fast-paced high-intensity workout and I was so overwhelmed with the number of repetitions we had to do. For someone as unfit as me, there were times I wanted to cry and give up.

The Upper Deck

We had to do lunges with weights! My arms and legs nearly died that day.

The Upper Deck

We had to do push-ups! (Which admittedly, I have no idea how to do correctly.) Luckily, our instructor taught me well and helped me get them right.

The Upper Deck

So how did I get through it all? Simple. It was our instructor that helped me get through this difficult workout. Luckily, at the Upper Deck, trainers are happy to assist you in your workouts. They can even create a workout program designed specifically for you and your needs. In the middle of my workout, I was really struggling to keep up. Our trainer was kind enough to pace me and she even cheered me on!

At one point, I was dehydrated and needed to drink water. They have a water dispenser in the gym, but you have to bring your own bottle. Unfortunately, I did not get to bring my own that day, but our instructor was kind enough to lend me her spare mug so I could drink some. Up until this day, I am still so grateful for that.

At the Upper Deck gym, you’ll have all the assistance and equipment you need to conquer any challenging routine that may come your way. Burn those calories and gain those muscles in a space that pushes you to succeed!

The Upper Deck

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