HoverTrax: Hovering Our Way Into The Future

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In the 80s movie Back to the Future II, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) time-traveled to the future – October 21, 2015, to be exact. He, along with the rest of the movie-going population in 1989, was in awe of the film’s depiction of 2015 (aka: The Future), and became obsessed with one thing in particular: the HoverBoard. There was so much excitement for the day we’d all be using these levitating boards for transportation.

Flash forward to 2015. GUYS, WHERE ARE OUR HOVERBOARDS???

Reality check: In real-life 2015, we’re not toting around HoverBoards just yet. The good news is, we have the next best thing – the HoverTrax.

We got our hands on one of these babies from Yexel’s Toy Museum.

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And while we can’t actually hover above ground with this, the HoverTrax is still pretty darn cool. Here’s why:


The HoverTrax basically has two wheels arranged side by side connected by two small platforms on which you’ll be standing. It’s auto-balancing, with gyro sensors on both wheels to balance you front and back. By simply shifting your weight, you’ll be able to move forwards, backwards, left and right, or spin around. No hand-held controls needed. It’s almost like you’re controlling it with your mind (yes, that is exactly how I felt when I tried it!).

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It may seem hard to learn at first, but a few hours on it and you’ll be navigating with ease. Awesome to witness, and even more awesome to experience. Seriously.


About the size of a skateboard (just like the HoverBoard) and weighing around 12kg, the HoverTrax is quite easy to lug around. It can fit into a large bag or you can carry it by hand.

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There are custom bags available, too – duffel style and backpack style. Designed for portability, the HoverTrax can accompany you wherever you go.

No Gas Needed!

No need to gas up with this mode of transport! The HoverTrax is a rechargeable, battery-operated vehicle. Its battery can last you for 4-5 hours of fun, and recharging takes only about 2-3 hours. Time-efficient, cost-efficient, environment-friendly. Two thumbs up!

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Totally Convenient!

The HoverTrax is built for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s ideal for smooth surfaces, so navigating through large indoor settings such as malls, schools, and warehouses is now a breeze. And the HoverTrax can hold its own outdoors, too. Grassy surfaces, asphalt roads, even inclined paths for the experts!

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So yeah, you can’t travel by air with this, but the HoverTrax has got you covered on most surfaces. And it can run up to about 10-15 kph. Sweet!

It Lights Up!

The HoverTrax lights up while you’re using it. That’s just super cool. (Plus, it can give the illusion of levitating above ground!)

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Two Words: Bluetooth. Speakers.

The newer releases also come with a Bluetooth speaker function. Turn it on, connect it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and voila! There you are, rockin’ and HoverTrax-ing in style.

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Dude, even Marty McFly didn’t have this!

So, while we may not have wheel-less skateboard-like vehicles that hover several inches above ground juuuuust yet, the HoverTrax is proof that we are getting there! (Flying cars, you’re next!)

Yup, this is new-ish tech, and yup, certain battery issues may make you a bit wary. The unfamiliar can be (understandably) daunting. Just make sure you snag one of these from trusted distributors and learn all there is to know. Before you know it, you’ll be (safely) HoverTrax-ing like a pro!

What are you waiting for? The future is here. Step on and get moving. Start HoverTrax-ing.

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You know you want to!

Yexel’s Toy Museum

(0915)7714777; (0915)8834777; (0920)1317777



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