What is #YourEverydayCarry When in Manila?

Urban Traveller & Co UTC #YourEverydayCarry

Gone are the days when we can’t be bothered about how we carry our everyday items. Today, form is as important as function and a good quality, trusty brand has proven its value time and time again. This is where the new specialty online store, Urban Traveller & Co comes in mind.

Our approach is fairly simple. We take care of your everyday carry while you juggle with your daily routine,’ explains Urban Traveller & Co. head, Hans Kenner Fernandez. “We select our brands and styles based on how we see our customers use it. The bags and carry items must be versatile to bring you from work to play, of extremely good quality so that it can withstand endless hours in traffic or daily commute, and most importantly, functional and worth the investment.

Urban Traveller & Co UTC #YourEverydayCarry

From casual backpacks to briefcases, rucksacks to laptop and camera bags, and a weekender duffel to your airplane hand carry, Urban Traveller & Co (UTC) offers a curated list of the latest, innovative, and high quality everyday carry bags and items sourced from around the world. It carries handcrafted vegetable-tanned leather bags from Portugal, innovative water-resistant and all-weather backpacks, briefcases, laptop and camera bags from Canada, and waxed twill and canvas rucksacks from the United States.

We road-tested two of its brands and can only say that now we know better.

Venque (pronounced Venk) is one of UTC’s exclusive brands, sourced from Toronto. It stands out because of its innovative material, the QUANTA fabric. Water–resistant and handles extreme weather conditions, the Quanta fabric protects your everyday carry items from getting wet (a must especially if you must have your gadgets with you all the time), the effects of daily commute (because MRT is still the most efficient form of transportation) and conditions (for indoor and outdoor, during work, an out of town trip or adventure).

Urban Traveller & Co UTC #YourEverydayCarryThe Venque Flatsquare Denim backpack is designed for the urban trendsetters and commuters. The Flatsquare features a unique shape in the signature combination of Quanta fabric and real leather. It can fit up to 15-in laptop and comes in six colors.

Urban Traveller & Co. is also the exclusive distributor of the infamous Bomber Barrel, the most successful, all-weather duffel bag launched in Kickstarter. Known for being the best damn everyday carry, the Bomber Barrel is a durable, minimal and functional duffle bag that picks up where all others leave off.

Urban Traveller & Co UTC #YourEverydayCarryThe Bomber Barrel is made from ultra lightweight, weather-resistant ripstop nylon and features an emergency Paracord zipper pulls and military-grade clips. It comes with the Mini Bomber Kit for your essentials.

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