The House of Dancing Water in Macau: One of the Greatest Shows You’ll Ever See

Minutes have passed by. The performers gave their final bow, the audience was exiting the theater, and the stage was set back as it was the first time I saw it a few hours before. I remember sitting in my seat, still shocked and recovering from my tears. In my head, all I could think of was the word “WOW”. I didn’t have high expectations for the show, so I was truly amazed and in awe after watching it. My heart and mind were stuck. All the feelings coursing through me were so overwhelming. I had just witnessed one of the greatest shows ever in my life.

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (1)

If you’re a fan of incredible talent, if you appreciate art, and if you’re open to a new amazing experience, watch The House of Dancing Water in Macau. It is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s an experience.

For prices and other details of the show, please visit the House of Dancing Water website:

You can buy the tickets online and show the e-ticket during the day of the show or you can buy directly at the ticket booths in City of Dreams.

The prices are a bit expensive, but the show is worth it. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what seat you buy because the stage is circular. It is all about perspective rather than the distance of the seat from the stage. I bought the cheapest one (C reserve) and it did not matter because I appreciated the view I was in. I was very grateful for it, actually. The show was still one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and I believe that the show is beautiful from all corners of the theater.

My view of the show at a C Reserve section

My view of the show at a C Reserve section

If the prices are too expensive for your budget, here are some options for you to maximize or lessen the expense and still enjoy one of the most spectacular water shows in the world:

(1) If you are staying at these Macau hotels (Grand Hyatt Macau, Studio City, Altira Macau, Crown Towers, and Hard Rock Hotel), you can have the privilege of getting 2 free C reserve tickets.

(2) If you are a credit card holder, visit the City of Dreams Macau website to see promotions on special offers and discounts of the show.

(3) You can also check out promos from, Studio City-Macau, or Klook

Outside the City of Dreams

Outside the City of Dreams

The House of Dancing Water in Macau can be viewed in the City of Dreams. To get to this hotel/casino, just hop on any shuttle bus with the City of Dreams logo on it at any major transportation point (Taipa Ferry Termina/Airport/Macau Ferry Terminal/Border Gate) or casinos (Galaxy/The Venetian) that have shuttle schedules to/from the City of Dreams Macau.

City of Dreams Shuttle Van

City of Dreams Shuttle Van

I clapped so hard. My jaw dropped a lot of times. I cried. I said WOW so many times. These are just some of the things that happened while I was watching the show. From start to finish, I was in awe.

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (8)

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (7)

From acrobats to athletes to ballet dancers to singers to comedians, everyone was so talented.

The synchronized acts, the strength, and the talent were all so overwhelming. Every person on that stage just poured their heart out to give the audience an amazing show. There was this moment where they were doing acrobatics by the ceiling and my neck was craned up and I just couldn’t look away even though my neck was getting numb. I couldn’t pull away from the sight. It was just so magnificent, I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (6)

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (5)

Every act seemed to be the best until the next act came along and they outdid themselves. At every turn, I was surprised at the turn of events. I wouldn’t think that they would be able to top each performance, but they did. Expect surprises, things that you wouldn’t expect to see! Your jaw will drop so many times in astonishment!

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (4)

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (3)

There will be comedy, romance, and drama. There will also be adventure and extreme acts. There will be singing, acting, and dancing. There will be acrobats and water – lots of it. If you want something historical or modern, you’ll see it. There is a storyline for every type of person. The cast was also great to look at as all of the men and women in it are gorgeous and fit. You will not be bored. The story, music, and talent will definitely capture your heart and attention.

HouseOfDancingWaterMacau (9)

So, during your first or next trip to Macau/Hong Kong/China, don’t miss out on this incredible show! It is not only an attraction but an experience.

How was your experience at the House of Dancing Water show in Macau? Share them in the comments below.

The House of Dancing Water, City of Dreams Macau


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