Homeless Surfer Becomes Model After Being Discovered By Kendall and Gigi

Meet John Economou. He’s a homeless 20-year-old surfer who left his hometown of Milwaukee a year ago to live the “hippie” life. He also just signed a contract with top modeling agency Two Management, after being discovered by model BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid!

John Economou male model discovered Kendall Gigi

John apparently met Kendall and Gigi, while the two were shooting a commercial on Venice Beach in California.

According to John:

“I was just chilling on the beach and watching the water, minding my own business and then I see these people come over. They sat pretty close but not too close and they started having a picnic. They looked all presentable and good looking.

…one of the girls said to me, “You’re cute”, so I turned around and we struck up conversation. I didn’t realize who I was speaking to at first and it finally clicked who it was – it was Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, actor Ansel Elgort, and Kendall’s manager, Ashleah Gonzalez.”

Kendall apparently thought John was cute and was impressed with his life story, and told her manager Ashleah that he should be a model. Ashleah then contacted Luc Brinker, owner of Two Management and then the surfer found himself signing a contract.

The 20-year-old hasn’t been in contact with Kendall nor Gigi since, but he’s hoping to say his thanks soon.

John doesn’t like to think of himself as homeless, but as an “adventurer”. An outdoorsy guy since he was young, he said he’s had no trouble sleeping outside — but occasionally finds himself with a roof under his head after he picks up girls and spends the night at their place, earning the nickname “Romeo of Venice Beach”. He also stays active by going to the local Gold’s gym, playing basketball, and skating.

Well that’s… interesting.

(Photos from The Daily Mail)

What are your thoughts on Kendall and Gigi’s model discovery??


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