10 Home Outfits That Will Make You Feel Extra Comfy and Cozy

Since we’ll be staying safe at home for the next few weeks again, it helps to be prepared. If you’ve got your stock of groceries and essential goods, then great. Maybe you can also consider stocking up on things that will make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re at home—such as cozy house clothes!

If you’re planning on buying more home outfits during the upcoming sale, here are a few of our recommendations from Shopee:

pajama cardigan

Photo from Shopee

10. This breezy pajama-type cardigan is made out of breathable fabric, making it a great clothing option for lounging around the house. It also makes an instant robe for men!

Buy this pajama-type cardigan here!

striped pajama

Photo from Shopee

9. This striped pajama set for women is super stylish, no one would think you were wearing pajamas if you wore this in the grocery! It’s a perfect outfit for days with lots of virtual meetings.

Buy this striped pajama set here!

flannel pajamas

Photo from Shopee

8. If you live in a freezing cold house, or you just get cold quite easily, these flannel matching pajamas are great to have. Thanks to its thick yet comfy material, you’ll be toasty warm all night long.

Buy these flannel pajamas here!

silk nightgown

Photo from Shopee

7. If it’s all about comfort, style, and that liberating feeling, women can’t go wrong with this stylish silk nightgown. It’s a great outfit for weekend spa days at home, or for a Friday night outfit of just lounging around the house with chocolates and wine.

Buy this silk nightgown here!

vneck pajama

Photo from Shopee

6. This V-neck pajama shorts set would be the right outfit for men who also has to attend virtual meetings but want to keep it casual. The V-neck top gives such a business casual vibe, while the shorts keep the outfit a lot more comfortable.

Buy this V-neck pajama set here!

sleeveless terno

Photo from Shopee

5. Keeping it extra casual at home? This sleeveless terno outfit will do the trick. It’s made out of soft and breathable fabric, making your days at home extra comfortable. It even comes in a lot of colors!

Buy this sleeveless terno outfit here!

classic pajama

Photo from Shopee

4. Want to keep it simple and classy? These long-sleeved pajama sets for men feature classic designs, making these outfits stylish yet timeless. They are also made out of breathable and comfortable material, perfect for cozy days indoors.

Buy these classic long-sleeved pajama sets here!

harry potter pajama

Photo from Shopee

3. Huge fan of the Harry Potter series? You’ll instantly feel like you’re part of the magical world with these Harry Potter-inspired pajamas! They come in shorts and in all four Hogwarts houses.

Buy these Harry Potter pajamas here!

princess nightgown

Photo from Shopee

2. If you want to feel extra and be like a princess stuck in her castle, this gorgeous princess nightgown is a must-have. It’s designed just like those outfits straight from Jane Austen novels. Your stay at home will definitely be more exciting with a nightgown like this.

Buy this princess nightgown here!

pikachu onesie

Photo from Shopee

1. Looking for a home outfit that’s both comfy and playful? You’re going to love this Pikachu-inspired onesie! It’s perfect for men, women, and kids. Wearing this around the house is definitely an instant nostalgic trip back to childhood!

Buy this Pikachu onesie here!

These cute and stylish home outfits will definitely make the next few weeks in your house a lot cozier and comfier.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones showed in the pictures.

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