Holy Carabao: More Than Just a Farm

Holy Carabao

When you buy a certain product, you don’t necessarily just buy the item alone. Alongside it come the experiences and emotions that follow after. Imagine you’re at a coffee shop. You buy the coffee, but what you don’t usually realize is that you also get the chill ambience, the quality time with yourself or with your friends, and the relaxation as a bonus – total value for money. A farm in Sta. Rosa, Laguna named Holy Carabao seems to share the same ideal.

Holy Carabao is a holistic farm that promotes wellness and goodness in every fresh product. They have a variety of vegetables, fresh meat, dairy products, homemade dressings and juices, rice, and even ready-to-go salads available for sale. It actually started off at just the backyard of a loving wife to cater to her family, which then expanded to the business that it is today.

Holy Carabao firmly believes that the consumers not only buy the goods, but also take away much bigger investments: good health for the family and a massive support to the local farms. It benefits other small-scale farms, as well, because Holy Carabao partners up with them in selling the products. These partners share the same intentions as they do, so it doesn’t compromise the values that they stand for.

Holy Carabao(L-R) Melanie Go and Hindy Weber, proud mothers and the founders of Holy Carabao

This 2016, Holy Carabao opened its door to the public with their Farm Tour, which aims to raise awareness about food and environment, and let families enjoy what the place has to offer at the same time. This includes the basic organic farm tour (about soil health, compost house, plant beds, nursery), animal encounters (carabaos, cows, free-range chickens, black pigs, goats, bunnies), a carabao ride, a mini swing zip line, and “Pick & Pay” where you can pick the produce yourself and buy them.

Holy Carabao

Holy CarabaoKisses the Carabao – a nice experience in touring the area

The tour is both fun and educational since you will get the chance to see the daily life at a farm. The farm itself isn’t perfect, but everything is grown/built with intentions straight from the heart; and that is something you can’t quantify. Their manifesto becomes totally visible that they work with compassion and reverence as you go through the interactive tour. From their workers, produce and animals to the consumers, you will see that they are all well taken care of.

Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao

After the Farm Tour, you can rest up and enjoy good coffee at their in-house coffee shop. The Farm Shed Cafe is a very homey cafe full of arts and crafts made by the children and parents of the Waldorf school located beside it. It is a refreshing stop after the program that can also add to the experience of seeing a loving and healthy community.

The coffee is especially delicious. They also have frappes, shakes, lattes, macchiato, and teas. There are also cakes, salads, and different juices. Everything here is organic and made by the owners.

Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao

So if you want to disconnect with the hustle and bustle of the world for a bit, visit Holy Carabao. You and your family will surely have a deeper appreciation and point of view about Mother Nature afterward.

Holy Carabao

Batulao, Batangas, Sta. Rosa, Laguna


Holy Carabao Store

6241 R Palma, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila

Website: https://holycarabao.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holycarabao/

Instagram: @holycarabaofarm

Article by: JP Sium
Other Photos by: Mela Ledesma