Hits and Misses – Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Movie Review

When in Manila, one of the best ways to unwind after a long day at work is to catch a feel-good flick–something that’s light and enjoyable. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is the perfect choice.

percy jackson sea of monsters poster

Image credit: www.impawards.com

The second installment in the Percy Jackson series is a sure hit with kids but it’s also, surprisingly, something adults like me can enjoy a lot. It’s light, fun, and easy to take in. It’s filled with awesome special effects that’ll bring out the wide-eyed kid in each one of us.

Just recently, the Lombosco Academy held a block screening for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters at SM City Muntinlupa in line with its 13th founding anniversary. The event was attended by parents, students, representatives from JCI Makati, the office of the City Mayor, and media partners like When In Manila. I was excited to take on the assignment because there’s a geek thriving inside me and this type of movie makes me giddy.

Imagine the grin on my face, which I tried very hard to conceal because it seems weird for a 20-something to be as excited as fifth graders for a fantasy film like this.

The story

In this film, Percy, along with his reliable sidekicks Annabeth (daughter of Athena) and Grover (satyr), embarks on a journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece to heal the tree that provides a protective barrier for Camp Half-Blood.

But he faces more than the arduous journey to Circe’s island, where the Golden Fleece is being guarded by a vicious Cyclops. He also has to come to terms with the discovery of a half-brother, the cyclops Tyson, and doubts about him being a fluke since he’s been getting a beating from another demigod, Clarisse.

To make things worse, he discovers a prophecy that could make him a catalyst for salvation or cause of destruction.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet and absolutely hate spoilers (who doesn’t?) then stop right now and head down to the nearest cinema. Or jump to Page 3. Proceed at your own risk.