Himalaya Botanique: Organic, Safe and Effective Care for Your Teeth


A smile looks best when you can see a person’s teeth. Or am I the only one who finds people more charming when they flash a full smile? Some people are quite OC when it comes to their teeth. I personally brush my teeth twice every time it’s toothbrush time, which happens two to three times a day! We also go to cleaning sessions twice a year to make sure that our teeth is properly cleaned on a regular basis.

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However, the big question is: have you checked your toothpaste? We may brush our teeth everyday, but we never really pay attention to our toothpaste. We usually just pick whatever we can afford at the grocery counter.

Truth be told, these ‘cheap’ toothpastes actually have chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Saccharin, Sorbitol, Fluoride (we can find this in almost ALL commercial toothpaste), Sodium Hydroxide, Carrageenan, Paraben, Gluten, and most notably: TRICLOSAN, which has been banned by US Food and Drug Administration from hand soaps and body washes. Imagine putting all of these chemicals inside your mouth every single day.

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Fortunately, I found some toothpaste that perfectly suits my standards and won’t make me worry about harmful chemicals. Himalaya Botanique is a new range from the Himalaya Drug Company, an international expert when it comes to the use of modern science in herbal products.

Some of Himalaya Botanique’s ingredients include vegetable glycerine and a natural sweetener such as Stevia, making it 100% organic, safe, and proven to be clinically effective.

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The Himalaya Botanique toothpaste range has two lines. There’s the Complete Care line, which is proven to make your gums healthier by fighting germs and getting rid of plaque. What I love about this product is its gingivitis-reducing feature (it has anti-plaque and anti-gingival properties). Would you believe it if I said I haven’t had a singaw since using this product?

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My favorite product, though, is The Whitening Complete Care line. This doesn’t just take care of your teeth; it whitens them, too. This product is proven to whiten and restore your teeth’s natural dental color without any chemical bleach, thus not compromising your oral hygiene while making sure your teeth are clean, healthy, and pearly white!

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I’ve been using this product for quite some time now and I’m proud to say that it really does! Another thing I love about Himalaya Botanique toothpaste is how light it feels when I brush my teeth. I once tried another local organic toothpaste and my teeth ended up bleeding a lot. It didn’t even taste good.

The Himalaya Botanique toothpaste, on the other hand, has a fresh flavor to it that makes me want to brush my teeth more than three times a day; it’s so yummy!

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Himalaya Botanique’s toothpaste also has five different flavors that you can choose from. For The Complete Care line, they’ve got peppermint, mint, and cinnamon. For The Whitening Complete Care line, there’s peppermint and mint. Have I told you that their packaging also comes in soy-based boxes? Time to make the switch, guys!

Himalaya Botanique


Available in Watsons, Lazada, and selected Mercury Drug Stores.