Hikay: The Culinary Heritage of Cebu by Louella Alix

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“An Afternoon of Cebuano Cooking with Louella Alix”

Specialized Trade & Marketing, Incorporated in collaboration with the University of San Carlos Cebu, QCX Museum and The Kitchen Bookstore will be launching HIKAY this September 10, 2016 from 1-5pm at the Mini Theater of the QCX Museum.

Inspired by the success of our banner event, the POWER OF PEN: FOOD WRITING CONFERENCE which we organized back in 2009, we continue to do our share to keep this industry alive by providing programs, special talks, book launchings and culinary heritage tours  which we feel are very useful to the growing population of  food writers and critics.

The POWER OF PEN has served many young and aspiring writers with many opportunities to hone their writing skills and enabled them to source out good materials from research which is one of the most fundamental and important key in writing. Sharing their own experiences as writers, we tap some of the country’s best creative and passionate professional writers, culinary historians and editors for the POP conferences all these years.

We are looking beyond the talents from Metro Manila, and we continue to find great writers and sources of information from other regions who can help us provide the links between pre-colonial times to the present.

Hikay takes the reader on culinary trip around the island of Cebu. From seaside towns to mountain hamlets, from city to the far baranggays. It delves into the history of the province and provides the reader with little known facts about the Cebuanos and the cuisine that nurtures them.

Hikay speaks of the traditions, preferences and eating habits of the Cebuanos. Food that is not like the intricately sauced dishes of Pampanga, nor the elegantly prepared ones of Iloilo and Bacolod. The food loved by Cebuanos is simply prepared, and relies on the freshness of the ingredients.

This book delights the reader with photographs of places in Cebu that are not frequently seen by the ordinary visitor.

Louella Theresa Eslao-Alix started writing professionally at the age of fifty nine. To date, she has written six books, namely: 
 Balaanong Bahandi, The Sacred Treasures of the Archdiocese of Cebu History of Bantayan Town
Via Veritatis, the biography of Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, 
Mandaue, the coffee table of the city of Mandaue, History of St. Therese Parish
Hikay, and The Culinary Heritage of Cebu.

Hikay is the one book which marries her love for food and history.

Registration to the HIKAY talk is at Php1,000.00  per head inclusive of  refreshments and the tour of the QCX Museum. The book will be sold on site by The Kitchen Bookstore and lucky book buyers can have their copies signed by the author.

You may call STRAM,INC at : (632) 927 7208 , 352 3187 , 927 6206 or you may also register thru this link: https://goo.gl/forms/NX0NhQIjmm7voTOG3.