Hey Millennials, Let’s Bring Back Film Photography


With the rise of technology and influence of social media, there is no doubt that our generation is living in the digital age. From countless new gadgets popping around here and there, there’s no excuse for us not to go digital. And with this, technology definitely upgraded our lifestyle to the next level. Everyone’s wanting a new anything. A new phone, new car, new makeup, and in this Instagram conscious world, a new camera.

I am not against anything in this digital world that we’re living. Actually, I love how it all makes everything easier. No regrets there! But sometimes, don’t you just want to go back to times when things were just so much simpler and uncomplicated? Like all you have to do to preserve memories is just point and shoot? Well, I do, so let’s welcome back our old friend…THE FILM!

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FilmPhotography1Raw photograph from a film scan

If you haven’t noticed it yet, a lot of people are actually going back to the old and classic film photography. During your younger days, can you still remember your parents’ countless albums and developed photographs? Do you remember those times when they forced you to have a picture taken by them during your elementary recognitions or school programs, and you wouldn’t know how you looked like until the awkward photos are developed after a few days? Does this give you the nostalgic feels?


FilmPhotography3In motion samples of film photography

Film photography is a very sincere form of art. It captures the heart of a subject and what the photographer sees in it. You cannot mask anything once it is captured. It is exciting, compelling, and mysterious since film cameras don’t have an LCD screen for you to check your photos. You’ll only get to see what you’ve captured once you finished your roll, have it processed, scanned and printed. Sound complicated? There are film laboratories in our country that are more than happy to do the dirty work for you. You’ve got a long list of stalls in Quiapo, Manila and a few number of photo studios in your favorite malls that can process your films for you.

Don’t want to go through all these hassles? Sunny16 Lab (www.facebook.com/sunny16lab) is one click away from your Facebook profile. You can ship the film to them, pay through online banking and wait for the processed and scanned films. Easy right?


Andy Warhol once said: “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.” Film photography is definitely exciting especially for those who have an adventurous and playful mind. Why settle for modern-day apps and software that imitate the effects that you can get from film photos when you can create your own. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off. Once you’ve finished the roll of your film, you will feel a sense of excitement as you get your film processed and scanned. Waiting for the output is excruciatingly exciting and definitely fun. Finally seeing your film photos’ output will give you a sense of fulfillment and unexplainable joy. Nothing beats a beautiful and precious printed film photo.

FilmPhotography7Printed scan of the film

In this world where everything is instant and easy, let’s enjoy those things that we once took for granted. Let us go back to where it all started; one that is easy, simple and uncomplicated. Feel the sensation of being happy and excited for something that you worked hard for. Cherish every moment behind a camera because all pictures have its own story and nothing is more fulfilling than capturing it firsthand.

Do you like taking film photographs too? Tell us why you like them in the comments below!