Hey Candy: Pretty Loungewear That Cares About the Environment

Since we have been spending more time indoors since the pandemic began than ever before, it has become almost essential to have loungewear that is pretty and makes us feel good about ourselves. Since we aren’t able to go out as much or dress up as much as we used to when we do go out, I have been on the lookout for practical and pretty pieces that I can wear at home (and beyond should the opportunity to doll up ever arise). This is where Hey Candy comes in.

Hey Candy Adelia Beach Dress 1

Photo by Arjay Neri of @arjaystudio

Hey Candy started last October 2018 with a personal goal of taking intentional steps to become more confident. 29-year-old Candie made the decision to change just one thing: her wardrobe. “By upgrading my wardrobe, I realized how powerful ‘power dressing’ can be,” she shares. “I wanted to share that energy with fellow women. The rest was history.”

Hey Candy’s overall mission is to help modern women upgrade their wardrobe with high quality, timeless, and functional pieces that are made to last so that we can all reduce environmental impact in style.

Hey Candy Amelie Loungewear 1

Photo by Arjay Neri of @arjaystudio

Hey Candy also knows, however, that times have changed with the pandemic. This is why they focus on comfortable and pretty loungewear that can be worn indoors, as well as fashionable non-medical protective wear that can be worn in the new normal.

Called The New Basics, this collection was inspired by the swift pivot that we experienced during the pandemic. “From the sketching to the production and overall styling, we realized that creativity in style and beauty can be produced in whatever situation,” Candie shares. “Because of this, we were able to give continuous income to our partner local sewers during the pandemic.”

Hey Candy The New Basics

Photo by Arjay Neri of @arjaystudio

Hey Candy usually sources deadstock fabrics that can be upcycled, and turns them into beautiful pieces in order to reduce their environmental impact. After looking for the best and unique fabrics for their pieces, Hey Candy brainstorms for their new collections with a specific theme in mind, which they then apply to their photoshoots, as well.

Candie adds: “We want to convey that just because the world had to pause, that doesn’t mean that dressing up has to stop. Every time you wear our delicate pieces, we want to empower you to continue taking care of yourself, even in times when you might feel like you don’t deserve it — because you do.”

All photos by Arjay Neri of @arjaystudio

Hey Candy

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