“He’s spectacular!”— Ebe Dancel Professes His Deep Admiration for Unique Salonga

Words by Kimberly Claire Reyes

Being known as one of the most talented Filipino pop rock musicians who have made huge waves in the music industry, Ebe Dancel is celebrating his 20 years in the industry with his first solo concert to be held on February 29, 2020 at the Metrotent Convention Center.

During an exclusive interview with the OPM star, Dancel mentioned that his upcoming concert will feature the Manila String Machine because he believes that his songs merge well with the melody produced by string instruments. 

Ebe Dancel

When asked what had made him decide to host a concert after 20 years, the star replied by saying that the concert served as a celebration and as a form of gratitude to his fans. “The show is my way of saying thanks for the support.”

Dancel also mentioned that he was excited for this concert because it will be the largest show he’s ever done. He also hinted that there is a current plan to release a new album on the said date. “This is my biggest show kasi. It’s gonna be me so the pressure to deliver is there.”

Ebe Dancel 70

When asked about his most memorable songs, the artist said that Bawat Daan, Dapit-Hapon, and Lakambini are his favorites because of the amount of effort and research he had put into making these songs.

As for upcoming or rising stars in the music industry, Dancel praised the 19-year-old singer, Unique Salonga, for his immense talent in singing and songwriting. “The way he sings and writes is parang naikot na niya ang buong mundo.”

Ebe Dancel 213

He also learned a lot of lessons from being a part of the industry. “It takes a lot of patience because sometimes you feel like your career is going nowhere but in reality, it’s building up. You also need guts because it’s not easy to sing your heart out in front of so many people. But, humility and perseverance are most important because they help you keep up with yourself.” 

A fleeting moment of inspiration is all it takes for this singer to start creating his music. “You have to save everything that you write, and things will eventually fall into place.” 

His tips for aspiring OPM artists? “I want you guys to write more songs in Filipino. Keep playing and always remember to practice a lot!

This artist is truly an inspiration to us all. I bet that every single one of his fans is currently shaking with excitement just thinking about what Ebe Dancel has in store for them soon!

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